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  1. jimiparekh

    H1 Visa extension and I-94

    With transfer notice, did you got the new I-94 attached? If so, what is the date on it?
  2. jimiparekh

    H1B Extension Denied But Valid I 94

    What if the visa from previous employer is valid, still one needs to go for new visa stamp in this situation?
  3. jimiparekh

    H1B Visa Denied after RFE; Currently on Cooling Period

    Chetan, Your information regarding staying back in US after transfer denied is very much useful to lots of people in similar situation. One question though, did you reapply H1 and got approval? If so did you get the new I-94?
  4. jimiparekh


    JoeF, I have similar situation. I got laid off by employer A in June 2017, file transfer with employer in Aug 2017 and started working. My I-94 with employer is valid till July 2018. Got rfe and still needs to reply to RFE. Other employer C is willing to file transfer for me. If I file transfer with C and start working with them, and then later if my transfer with employer B gets denied, can I still continue working with C on receipt notice (which is filed before denial from B). If C dont file my transfer and if transfer with B denied then can I stay 60 days and file new petition with same or different employer after denail, as my I-94 is still valid. Will I accure illegal stay in any of above situation?
  5. jimiparekh

    Visa date in Toronto and Ottawa

    Thanks hima ans ss. I checked on the site and it says that vancourver, ottawa and toronto all have appointments available in 3 -4 days. I am surprised to see that because I see lot of post saying vancouver dates are not easily available and mostly availble after 3-4 monhts.
  6. jimiparekh

    Visa date in Toronto and Ottawa

    On which site I can check?
  7. Hi, What are the earliest available dates for H1B stamping in Toronto and Ottawa? Can we know the dates before paying the visa fees? Thanks.
  8. jimiparekh

    H1 stamping got easier?

    Hi All, I am the regular follower of the murthy forum. In last 2 months I noticed that there are very few 221g cases for H1 stamping in India and canada both. Am I right in my observation?
  9. jimiparekh

    H4 Stamping without H1 stamp on the Passport

    sarah04, With my friend the issue was different. In DS-160 form there was a question "Whether you are going for the visa for the same category as your previous visa? " And my friend answered "yes" instead of 'No' as earlier they had L1 and L2. He called VFS few times and then one of the representative told him that this is the issue. As he wrongly mentioned that they are going for the same visa as their previous category, VFS insisted to show the proof. So he changed the form with answer to above questoin as 'No' and then submitted the docs to VFS. His wife got the visa too.
  10. Is there anyway that we can know the available dates for consulates in canada before paying the fees?
  11. jimiparekh

    Visa Appointment Dates at Toronto

    I am also looking for the dates for Toronto and Ottawa consulate. There is no way that we can see the available dates before paying the fees? what if the desired dates are not available after paying the fees, can we get the fees back ?
  12. jimiparekh

    Visa under Administrative Processing

    sunnygarg, You will definitely get your visa. It is now matter of time. Just enjoy this holiday as these days will never come again. All the best !!!
  13. jimiparekh

    H1B-toronto 221g

    Hi opop, Did they mention the reason for 221g? For how long you are working with the company?
  14. jimiparekh

    Visa under Administrative Processing

    sunnygarg, Are you working as a full time employee or EVC or EC? Please give more detail on your case.
  15. jimiparekh

    211g green Mumbai tracker

    Are you working as an FTE or EVC or EC ? Whats the reason for 221g? What docs were asked?