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  1. I got my green card through my ex's employer in nov 2009(category E27). I got divorced in oct 2010. I married somebody again in jan 2013. My husband is on H1. His company already has applied for his i-485. His priority date is dec 2010. Now F2A category being current, what are my chances of applying green card for my husband? 1. I know my divorce and obtaining of green card is awfully close(~1 year). Will it raise suspicion when I am sponsoring green card for my husband? 2. What documents suffice to prove my relationship was in "good faith" with my ex? I have wedding pictures, some pictures of our outings together, marriage certificate. Will that be enough? 3. Will my ex be contacted when I am applying gc for my husband? 4. What happens to my husband's already applied i-485? 5. I was thinking of sponsering my husband once I become citizen. If my husband does not get GC now, will that procedure be impact in anyway with my current action? Please help me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I am divorced since last year. I was on H4 until I got my green card through my ex-husband’s employer. My ex is planning to return to India by abandoning his green card in 2013. Will his abandonment of green card influence my green card in any way? Will it cause any problem when I apply for citizenship? I read somewhere that I might lose the green card if my ex abandons his. Hence the question. Thank you for your help.
  3. TravelAdviceNeeded

    Documents for GC after divorce

    @pontevecchio: I do have the physical green card with me.
  4. Hi, I got my green card last November through my husband's employer. My husband has asked me for a divorce now. What all documents do I need to retrieve from his employer for my Green Card before getting divorced? Would it be possible to get original I-485 application from his employer? Should I also be getting original 140 as well? Please help.