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  1. Hi, I want to file petition for my sister to get her green card. I am currently living in the USA and american citizen. My parents have marriage certificate showing marriage date (June 1980) which is after my sister's birthdate (Jan 1980). My parents married earlier but they registered marriage after my sister was born. She is my biological sister. And biological daughter of my parents. My sister is now 33 years and married and indian citizen. So when I file her petition to USCIS, does the question of "out of wedlock" create any chance of denial even thought my sister and I have same mother and same father. So based on these conditions what documents I need to submit to USCIS to prove my parents relation with my sister. Your reply is appreciated, Thank you,
  2. To Attorney, I am american citizen. My parents got married after 4 months of my sister birth. They all are indian citizen. If I want to file green card petition for my sister, would there be any issue since my sister was born before marriage ? Regards,