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Everything posted by pontevecchio

  1. pontevecchio

    H4-EAD Extension

    It should arrive very soon.
  2. pontevecchio

    Suggestion needed AP or H1?

    Why do you need to be stuck in H1 status for some more time when you can work on the basis of the EAD for anyone or not work?
  3. pontevecchio

    Travel to India without family

    What is your concern? It is safe to do so.
  4. pontevecchio

    Question on H1 Portability

    Any company can file a H1 petition for you and on approval, you will need to leave and return with the H1 visa stamp since your I94 has expired. If your I-140 is pending 6 months plus, you are entitled to further H1 extensions till the PD is current.
  5. pontevecchio

    Name Change before Naturalization interview

    Too late to change names through a court if the ceremony is in April. Moreover the ceremony needs to be a judicial one and not one conducted by an Authorized USCIS staff Member. Most ceremonies are not judicial. It would seem that if you had indicated a name change while applying, they may have changed the venue to a judicial one. "" If you do not manage to change your name before or at the time you are naturalized, once you are sworn in you have the same range of legal options to change your name as are available to other U.S. citizens. State procedures vary, but most involve filling out a petition for a name change, paying a filing fee, giving some type of public notice like publication and attending a hearing. You are responsible for notifying the USCIS of your new name so it can issue a new Certificate of Citizenship.""
  6. Possibly. Talk to the Lawyers Office filing the PP.
  7. 1. Yes. The company Lawyer would file for a non cap H1 petition with proof of approved I-140. 2. A "transfer" is a misnomer and used to refer to employer change while in H1 status and does not apply to you. B would file and get a H1 petition approved and you would come over with the visa.
  8. pontevecchio

    Reseting H1b 6 years counter

    No. The way it works is you stay out for one year and then have a cap subject H1 petition filed for you to get 6 years. This means if you leave after April,1 then you are looking at 2 years down the line since the H1 gets subscribed very soon.
  9. You will possibly need to refile the H4 extension along with EAD along with the H1 extension.
  10. pontevecchio

    B2 (Visitor) visa for parents

    A Brother-in law is not an immediate relative.
  11. That is not at all correct. Firstly the word "transfer" does not apply when you are in India. In future any potential H1 employer would need to file a H1 petition for you non cap and on approval you would get the Visa stamp and come over. No need for a visa stamp now specially if you do not intend to continue with the present employer.
  12. pontevecchio

    H4 Visa Drop Box while staying in USA

    By definition a visa can only be obtained abroad. The Indian Embassy has no role in the H4 process. She will need to apply for a H4 visa back home based on your H1 approval till end 2019.
  13. pontevecchio

    U.S. Income Tax after Green Card

    your income before migrating is not subject to US tax. In future you need to pay taxes here on worldwide income though double taxation treaties do exist between India and the USA. You are also subject to certain reporting requirements. "You might also have to report the details of all your financial assets held outside the U.S. You might have to file a Statement of Foreign Financial Assets (IRS Form 8938) with your tax return and a Foreign Bank Account Report (FinCen Form 114), which is filed separately from your tax return." Look these up in the IRS website for future reference.
  14. File an AR11 now giving them your current address . One form only. But when you apply for Naturalization, make sure you mention all addresses in the time frame required.
  15. You can claim times when you were out of the country.
  16. pontevecchio

    H1B Transfer during H1B Extension Process

    B can file a H1 petition and get it approved and you can leave and return with the visa. Unless the extension gets approved, the "transfer" to B will not go through even though the petition may be approved.
  17. pontevecchio

    CPT Policy

    One wonders as to the antecedents of that reply . Are we being trolled over a sustained period of time?
  18. pontevecchio

    My Friend Visit to USA

    This would be a tourist trip. He would need a return ticket to show if asked. You stay out of it.
  19. pontevecchio

    Stamping after DWI/DWAI

    Just give them what they have asked for. Anything else will delay your matter.
  20. pontevecchio

    Green Card Delivered to US and I am in India

    A lot of facts are missing. Did you apply for AOS and come back with a valid AP?
  21. pontevecchio

    CPT Policy

    Run it by your Student Adviser. I think you should be aware that CPT is only allowed if integral to the curriculum and if you have to ask, than you are not entitled to it.
  22. pontevecchio

    F2 to F1 when spouse (F1-OPT) applying H1B

    She would seem to have no choice. She cannot study in F2 status and while a COS to F1 is filed . She needs F1 status. The only way she can do that is to go and get a F1 visa and return up to 30 days before class. That begs the question. What is the caliber of this college?
  23. pontevecchio

    Re-enter US while H1B petition is pending

    If you travel before the H1 approval, your COS will be denied and you will need the H1 visa at the appropriate time.
  24. Use a TAX person to file taxes this year. They will guide you appropriately. Her SSN is hers for life.