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  1. You have to understand that you need to find an employer to file your GC and the time periods are extremely long.
  2. No offense meant. There is no concept of sponsoring a tourist visa. They should have a very good chance of getting the visa if they are able to articulate a 2 month visit to see their daughter and the local sights irrespective of who is paying for the trip. I am ambivalent about mentioning his graduation ceremony . Keep it simple and there is no problem.
  3. If you do not work for the initial H1 sponsor you are not considered cap counted.
  4. 1. Yes. 2. Till petition expiry assuming your passport is valid till then.
  5. Yes. It can be filed with PP.
  6. All's well that ends well. You mean you contacted both Federal Senators in your state. There does seem to be a slowdown deliberate or otherwise by the administration which is not so surprising considering the extremist view held. Please remember this and do not forget to vote at each and every opportunity, primary included.
  7. You should discuss the matter with a Lawyer.
  8. The answer is YES only if all other volunteers are not on a salary.
  9. How smooth it is depends on the credibility of the College you will attend. Firstly a F1 visa will be very very difficult and hence you may have to try the COS route and not travel abroad during the tenure of this F1.
  10. Have you arranged an insurance extension? In any case have a lawyer file the COS to B2 so that he can run interference if there is any RFE.
  11. Their B2 visa is no longer applicable. They are awaiting AOS and can legally stay till the decision.
  12. Basically if you get approval with I94 due to exercise of discretion by the Officer and this depends on the credibility of the company to a large extent, you are fine. You may get H1 approval without an I94 in which case you leave and return on the H1 visa.
  13. NO. They are mutually exclusive.
  14. I-539, Application to extend status.
  15. In that case have the company Immigration lawyer delve in to this matter.
  16. The I94 expiry is NOT based on visa expiry but the H1 petition expiry. Why did she not notice at that time? She does not have to be paid while abroad though she can be paid if the employer agrees. Indian law applies to working in India and as a citizen she can work .
  17. Is the L and H employer the same? Do they have a lawyer?
  18. You should discuss your situation with a good Immigration Lawyer.
  19. Yes. Is there any specific reason why B is not expecting you to work for them now?
  20. 1. Yes. But you may or may not get an I94 depending on the credibility of B. 2. A HAS TO REVOKE the H1 when you leave. That is legally required.
  21. They have no connection.
  22. Your existing visa remains valid for use with any employer. Use your search skills for new I94 at say Tijuana.
  23. I would urge you to stay away from the forum and give the firm of Murthy or any of your choice an urgent call and set up an appointment if you have any desire to have a future in this country. There seems to have been an error by in seizing your passport after visa revocation by the Consulate. You have a chance of getting out of this situation. But be aware money and a lot may be involved to go through the whole process. Start with a good lawyer as at the very worst you need to be able to voluntarily leave instead of being deported if that is in the picture.
  24. Any employer change? Whaere is the I94 attached to the original H1 petition approval?