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  1. There should be no problem in getting a H4 visa if there is no issue with the person on H1. You need to fill a form and show proof of Marriage and proof of his valid H1 status which may include the copy of his petition approval, job letter, last w2 and a few months stubs. Obviously you will answer any other questions truthfully if asked. Then you should reapply for the H4 EAD/extension of H4 status when your spouse is filing for H1 extension in July and you will then get an EAD valid till the H1 expiry. It is possible PP may return by then and make the process faster and simpler for both.
  2. Having two applications for AOS has tended to delay things in the past. In theory, you could do both. I would first get a Lawyers take on the matter to avoid both applications being delayed.
  3. pontevecchio

    First time entering after Green Card

    Nothing special.
  4. pontevecchio

    To Apply PERM

    Check out Credential Evaluation Services.
  5. pontevecchio

    While H1B amendment is in processing can get H4?

    Your H4 visa is a function of the credibility of your spouses H1 and this RFE has no connection to getting a H4 visa.
  6. If A has not revoked the H1 as he is supposed to do, by all means go back.
  7. pontevecchio

    Names mismatch in Passports

    They will not and do not look at documents. They are coming to visit the sites of this country while meeting you and presumably for a month or so keeping in mind his business interests. Let them answer any questions spontaneously and they should not try to provide documents or unasked for answers.
  8. pontevecchio

    Can H1b be transferred with an expired I-94 on RFE?

    No. In this case you are looking at Consular processing of the H1 visa if a H1 petition were to be approved. Once the I94 expires, any subsequent transfer is only allowed if the current extension is first approved.
  9. pontevecchio

    H1B to EAD to H1B/EAD

    You can utilize the 3 years at any time assuming the whole H1 system still exists at that time. Times in H4 status are delinked and no new proposals are in the offing to link them in terms of the total time.
  10. 1. You cannot revoke anything. As long as you are legally married, she can come over in H4 status. 2. You will have to petition the courts in India. You are also asking a very specialist question best answered by a lawyer well versed in Family Law in India.
  11. It is valid till revoked. So, you can change employer. Make sure to cover your bases with a lawyer.
  12. pontevecchio

    To Apply PERM

    Your challenge will be to show that the combination of the three year degree and the PGDCA equates to a 4 year American Degree.
  13. pontevecchio

    H1b Visa approved for 1 year

    See the post by xTDX above. Ask your employer what he wants to do.
  14. pontevecchio

    J-1 visa to F - 1

    Besides stating the obvious that the Schools should be able to guide you, you should be able to get a F1 visa appointment in June from here and can then go and get the F1 visa. In any case you can only be here in F1 status up to 30 days before the course starts.
  15. EB2/EB3 have different requirements. The same job cannot be both. You have 2 I-140's approved.
  16. pontevecchio

    DUII in Oregon Need help for H1-B Stamping

    You should discuss your specifics with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice rather than soliciting guidance in a forum. You should note this arrest record is available to federal Authorities for Immigration purposes. But expungement will stop future employers from being aware of this offense and in most cases expungement means you can say NO to arrests for job related matters. Did you have a DUI Lawyer? Did you fail field sobriety tests?
  17. pontevecchio

    Green Card Initiation Question..

    This is a public forum. If you want contact details of the firm, they are in the website.
  18. pontevecchio

    Can I apply for H4 and EAD while on active L1B

    You can only have one status. If you change to H4 then you are not in L1 status.
  19. pontevecchio

    Question about Father's name in Passport and B1/B2 visa

    Use the same name as for the last visa. Why is FNU acceptable to you/him.?? Have him change the passport name appropriately and get a new one.
  20. pontevecchio

    Received RFE on H4 EAD

    Send them the passport stamp and the I94 you got, maybe an electronic one to prove you are in valid H4 status.
  21. One needs a 4 year degree or equivalency and experience is not counted. You may need to discuss your situation with a Lawyer so you know where you stand.
  22. pontevecchio

    Visa for Face - Face final interview round in US for job in India

    You need a tourist visa for this purpose and relevant return tickets and appropriate letters from the company.
  23. pontevecchio

    US Tourist Visa -brother in law to visit pregnant sister

    At the risk of constant repetition, there is nothing stopping him from applying for a tourist visa to visit the wonderful sights of god's own country. No sponsorship for tourist visas and though you can pay for the trip, his unemployed status may and I say may come up and result in lesser chances of approval.
  24. No visit more than 180 days. The year is not material. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/article/M-476.pdf If you qualify based on the time requirements, you can apply.
  25. @VikPan, Since the stakes are enormous, discuss the matter with a lawyer. Country of birth matters.