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  1. What is your Priority date?
  2. You can either convert to PP now or wait and if denied leave and return on a H4 visa assuming the H1 spouse will continue here.
  3. She can file for COS from H1 to H4 based on your pending H1 extension of status.
  4. When did your I94 expire?
  5. Does she have a B1/B2 visa in her passport? You will need to have her contact the CBP at the Airport and go and get the matter resolved.
  6. H1

    What is "hone " and what is the problem. Once your H1 was approved your F1 was moot.
  7. You should not really be using a forum to second guess a lawyer specially since this is a forum hosted by a law firm. Having said that, what was the reason given by the Lawyer for using level 1 wages ? In your situation file and get a H1 petition approval in PP and insist on going home for the visa and get yourself a paid company vacation in the process.
  8. As far as a blanket L1 is concerned, the person gets a visa and on entry the I94 is for 3 years subject to the total time constraints for L1. Hence are you making assumptions about the process or did the Office tell you this?
  9. Involve a Labor Lawyer in CA and have her explain the ramifications.
  10. If you are saying your family has extended H4 status and your H1 extension is approved, there is no issue at all in a 2 week trip to India.
  11. Marriage certificates are NOT NEEDED for a widower. A fact not a hypothesis.
  12. This law is just a proposed law and with Issa's exit from the House next year, the matter is academic. In any case the proposed law referred to H1 dependent firms. A quick perusal of GOOGLE brings up lots of info.
  13. 1. You are entitled to a 3 year extension. 2. Based on the approved I-140 specially since it was approved more than an year ago, 1 above applies. 3. You are allowed up to 60 days to report.
  14. Bachelor's plus five equates to Masters with no experience. You should ideally qualify.
  15. 1. No relationship between the two. 2. Again no connection between the two.
  16. High resolution Fingerprints as opposed to low resolution type 3 prints.
  17. Get another lawyer as this would seem to be wrong.
  18. The credibility of your education/ College is the major factor. You SHOULD run the scenario by your DSO. If you have not visited home for 4 years, then you should.
  19. 60 days grace applies. So you can stay till April,2 in any case.
  20. 1. Report for work. 2. Discuss possibilities of getting money as salary till now from A. Is A a desi company?
  21. You need to discuss the specifics with an Immigration Law Firm .
  22. Yes, You can.
  23. Your best bet is to wait for H1 petition approval and then leave and return with the H1 visa.
  24. 1. It depends. No reason why it should not be more or less safe. 2.3. You can use the PD with A for any subsequent GC filing. Otherwise no dependence.