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  1. Inform your employers lawyer in writing that your name was misspelt and you would like that to be corrected.
  2. You cannot get an Immigration visa in the USA. What tests are you talking about?
  3. It is possible.
  4. The previous 2 posters are right. But I do not think that cause and effect is right. There is no way they are going to give you in writing what you said. It is possible because of the caliber of the college you were trying to attend.
  5. You need to be present here when the extension is applied for. Other than that you can travel. But Organizations do not like surprises and so let HR know of your plans.
  6. In view of the I-140 being approved for more than 6 months, you are entitled to H1 extensions TILL your PD from that I-140 is current.
  7. Discuss the matter with an Indian Divorce Lawyer ASAP as a first step. Get hold of a GOOD Lawyer and do it fast. Do you have any family in California? Strictly speaking, this is an Immigration forum. You might need to approach the Indian Supreme court based on your lawyers take.
  8. AP and H1 are not codependent in any way. You are saying your lawyer gave you the facts and you want to fact check him in a forum? If you return in H1 status, your AP is not affected in any way shape or form. H1 travel is one of the very few ways you can return with a pending AOS and no AP.
  9. 1. You are in H1 status from now and ideally should not work for the L1 employer. You may get away by working for the 2 weeks . 2. You have up to 60 days to join the H1 Sponsor subject to an agreement between you.
  10. Look at it another way. If they approve the extension with an I94 by using their discretion, you are fine. If they do not give you an I94, you need to leave and return with the visa. Have you actually asked your lawyer about consequences off a delayed filing and also about PP?
  11. Check this out https://www.murthy.com/2017/09/21/306090-day-policy-revised-on-misrepresentation-and-preconceived-intent/ In the current climate think carefully before taking things lightly. At the very most ignore a forum and discuss any specific issues with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice. Even my previous post was not correct. If the consular Officer back home decides you misrepresented the situation by entering on a B2 visa and getting married and then applied for a H4 visa, you are in trouble. Talk to a Lawyer.
  12. 1. No 2. Yes, but you retain the PD in any case and revocation will not affect you. 3. Yes 4. You do not seem to keep up with developments and reading the Murthy site may be a good start. Since your I-140 has been approved more than 6 months ago, you will get H1 extensions till the PD is current irrespective of whether the I-140 is revoked or not. 4?5. you are entitled to H1 extensions till the PD of the currently approved I-140 is current. Of course things may change.
  13. You should discuss this with a good lawyer. SII is SII and the Immigration Responsibilities can be taken over by the new entity.
  14. As long as you will be working for the current employer until he goes for the visa, there is no problem.
  15. Yes. In view of the PIMS, they can confirm details as needed.