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  1. pontevecchio

    L1-A Layoff Help-EAD/AP approved

    1. yES. The EAD lets you work without restriction and the AP lets you travel. They will ask for proof of the original job for which the GC was approved. See 2. 2. You can use AC21 provisions to get a job in a similar field and show that when asked for proof of an underlying job. 3. Instructions for renewing EAD/AP are on the USCIS site. Visa being a stamp and you not being in L1 status now, L1 is not relevant to you from now on. I assume EB1C and I also would ask you to discuss your specifics with an Immigration lawyer.
  2. Since F2A is current, the question is redundant.
  3. pontevecchio

    COVID-19, Flights Cancelled, i-94 Extension for B1/B2

    Apply for an extension before I94 expiry showing the flight status. What happened to her original flight? The response to an EOS was taking months well before COVID.
  4. pontevecchio

    B2 visa expiration date differs from I-94 date

    1. The visa lets them enter. The I94 tells them how long they can stay.
  5. 1. Paying you in USD is up to the employer. 2. Neither. Again up to the employer. 3. NO 4. This would be an absolutely futile gesture and will not work. 5. It means getting a visa back home once the extension petition is approved.
  6. pontevecchio

    Oath cermony trequirement

    A residence is not physical presence. It is where you get your mail, pay your local and federal taxes and where you normally reside.
  7. Since any misstep will result in catastrophe, do whatever it takes to get a lawyer involved to answer your questions.
  8. pontevecchio

    Immigrant Visa for my mother refused

    They also email the dates to the person sponsoring and the potential Immigrant. Talk to a lawyer to find out if you have to repeat the process.
  9. pontevecchio

    H4 EAD Unemployment Benfit

    Yes. You do know that it is an Insurance paid for by employers?
  10. pontevecchio

    EAD /AP - Job loss

    1. The PD remains available to you. 2. Not out of status. If you are interested in settling here, please get hold of a good lawyer who will tell you all the options including getting a job in a similar field as per AC21 and so on.
  11. pontevecchio

    L1B Visa denied

    You would seem eligible to stay till the current I94 expires. Talk to the lawyer. Is it a blanket L1?
  12. pontevecchio

    Oath cermony trequirement

    Do you not have a house at the present location?
  13. pontevecchio

    h1b brief overstay, 245k during AOS.

    Your subsequent visits mean the 4 week period of out of status stay does not matter.
  14. pontevecchio

    Seeking advise on Mother Green Card

    Let a lawyer handle it to minimize any delays caused by inappropriate filings.
  15. Yes, before the current GC expires.