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  1. Assuming a facially valid H4 visa exists, she only needs to show that visa and the latest H1 approval. H4 visa is NOT employer dependent and entry depends on the valid status of the person in H1 with ANY employer.
  2. pontevecchio

    Retaining priority date with different SOC codes

    1. No such condition. 2. Detected fraud.
  3. pontevecchio

    GC Processing on OPT

    Consorting with dubious colleges which offer 'CPT" at will is a recipe for disaster as far as a career here is concerned. You do realize that an employer needs to file for you. H1 is in any case dual intent.
  4. pontevecchio

    I-140 and H1-B expiring

    1. No. If and only if the I-140 is revoked before 180 days, you lose the H1 extensions beyond 6 years. 2. They do not have to do anything. 3. You will retain the PD irrespective of whether the I-140 is revoked or not. 4. Based on an approved I-140, you will get H1 extensions beyond the initial total of 6.
  5. pontevecchio

    L1A EB1GC when Company acquired company

    I Suspect not. You could certainly touch base with the lawyer and have him explain the rationale.
  6. You will in any case have 3 years left non cap and in view of the approved I-140, further non cap extensions after that.
  7. pontevecchio

    RFE for H4 Extension

    You need to contact the clerk of the relevant court and ask for final disposition documents. Did you not have a lawyer?
  8. pontevecchio

    Visitor visa - length of stay

    The visa is an entry foil/document. The I94 determines period of stay and hence they can stay till I94 expiry, obviously leaving a couple of days before to make sure any travel delays do not have them here after I94 expiry.
  9. pontevecchio

    H1B Transfer from India while in India

    The operative words are " company does not want me to work in the US". Hence get another sponsor to file with PP and then come over on approval. Anything else would be considered fraudulent.
  10. pontevecchio

    H1 to H4 Conversion and Stamping

    The COS to H4 is automatically rendered invalid by leaving the country before decision.
  11. Unfortunately not. The PD will be current in 15 years as per current flow.
  12. pontevecchio

    EB1C - I140 denied

    1. No. Once the underlying AOS is denied, the EAD ceases to be valid. 2. What your lawyer said. 3. see 1.
  13. pontevecchio

    green card process

    It makes no difference.
  14. pontevecchio

    H1 to H4 Conversion and Stamping

  15. pontevecchio

    Options when laid off during vacation abroad

    Enjoy your vacation and do not keep in touch with company affairs while on vacation. Given the time frame, there is no problem.