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  1. JoeF, Thanks for the response.
  2. I have I-140 approved. My recent H1 approval was from Sept 2017 to Sept 2020. But unfortunately there was an RFE again and after answering it few weeks later my H1 was denied and I got USCIS H1 denial letter on Nov 2018. So I went to India next day after denial and came back to US on H4 Stamping. Since then I am on H4. (Yes, it was approved first and Case was re-opened again leading to denial).My 2 questions here are, #1 Is there any specific time/years from my earlier H1 before which I need to apply for H1 to qualify for cap exempt since I have I-140?#2 Can I get back to H1 as Cap exempt at any point of time in future?Example: Is it like 6 years from 2017 is 2023 before which only I am considered cap exempt and after 2023 I will be going through lottery process. I want to make use of H4EAD as much as I can that is the reason I am asking this question.Please respond. Thank you so much for your response in advance.
  3. Rakee

    H1B Amendment denies

    Hello All, I have an approved H1B till Oct 2020. I have filed for H1B amendment as I have changed my project in consulting. Now I got an RFE after 5.5 months. I have a question. If my amendment is denied, then will I be able to apply for H1B transfer or new H1B amendment as I already have an approved petition along with I94 which is valid till 2020? Am I eligible to work as soon as I get a receipt for my H1B transfer or new H1B Amendment? Or I am not eligible to work until I get approval? Please let me know.
  4. Hello Experts, I need some help to clear my doubts and advise. My H1B with company A is approved on Jan 15th 2018. USCIS has emailed my employer about compliance review on my approved H1B on April 15th 2018. But H1B status online is approved, hasn't changed. What will happen: 1) If i file a Transfer for another Company B and start working for Company B with new H1B receipt number and if Company A's H1B is denied for any reason will it impact my company B's pending H1B petition or my stay/I-94 in USA? 2) If i find a new project, file an amendment and start working with new H1B amendment receipt number and if already approved H1B gets denied for any reason will it impact my pending H1B amendment petition or my stay/I-94 in USA?
  5. Rakee

    H1B transfer Question

    Hello Experts, I have a chance/opportunity in a non-profit organisation for a full time role and the company is ready to transfer my H1B visa. I heard from someone that when we transfer the visa from non-profit org to some other company we fall under the quota again and we have to go through the lottery. I am not sure about this policy. I want to make sure because in future if I want to transfer to different company I shouldn't have any problems. Please let me know what are all the H1B policies that are linked with non-profit organisation.
  6. Rakee

    H4 to H1B COS

    Thank you for the response, does the employer required to file with consular processing?
  7. Rakee

    H4 to H1B COS

    Hello Experts, I have a question about filing H1B COS. I am currently on H4, I was on H1B until Nov 2017. I got my H1B extension denied in Nov 2017. I completed 5 years and 10 months on H1B and also having I140 approved. I am now trying to apply for H1B (H4 to H1B COS). I believe I come under CAP exemption but not sure when to apply. Should I wait till October 1, 2018 to activate my H1B or I can apply at any time for H1B COS and get it activated immediately? Is there any deadline to apply for H1B COS if my previous petition was expired? Please advise
  8. Hi Kiran, I am in the same boat. Did you stay in usa after getting denial till you get approval ? or you went back to India?
  9. Rakee

    H1B applied > 300 Days back

    Hi. Good luck with you. Did you get the receipt notice copy? How did you proceed with your case?
  10. Nima. how did it proceed/outcome of your case. good luck.
  11. H1 change of employer filed with I140 approved. It has been 3 weeks, cheque cashed but no receipt yet. has any one experienced a similar thing?
  12. H1 change of employer filed with I140. It has been 3 weeks, cheque cashed but no receipt yet. has any one experienced a similar thing? Vermont.
  13. Rakee

    H-1B Receipt Notice from Vermont

    jithsh1b. You got receipt?. best of luck.
  14. Rakee

    60 Days of Grace Period on H1B

    Sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well for you. I'm in same case. Below is what I gathered from attorneys. Other experienced folks here could opine/correct. 1) 60 days grace period automatically applies, from last day of your pay stub. No process or form needed for this. (I don't want to guess about withdrawal scenario. I got multiple opinions on this from attorneys as well.) 2) Yes. 60 days grace period implies there's no pay stub required during that period. Of course, since there's no employment during this period, there's no pay stub. What attorneys suggest is file new H1 as soon as possible closer to date of termination and get receipt number before 60th day. Since this 60 day rule is new and there are not too many examples out there to read successful outcomes of folks in similar situations.
  15. Rakee

    Urgent Help needed

    Thank You Vikash.