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  1. Hi nmurthy, I saw your message on below link about multiple petitions and I have same situation and worried if I would get stuck in india with my family. I'll be grateful to have your comments on it. 

    My Visa interview is on 15Mar2019, My return to US is on 31Mar2019. My current i797 is valid until 16May2019, and new i797 (attached to DS160) starts on 17May2019. I understand you've gone through a similar situation, so:

    My Question is:

    (1) In your case too, DS160 had new i797 attached? Or old i797?

    (2)  What would they mention on "Issue Date" section on Visa stamping? Issue date = Visa Stamping date? Or New petition start date?

    (3) Visa expiry date was = expiry date of old petition, or expiry date of new petition. what all they annotate on stamping...

    (4) I hope I will be able to enter US (before start date of  my new petition) ? Also what dates would be given on I94 at POE ? 

    Thanks in advance nmurthy !



  2. nmurthy

    EB2 I-140 portability due to job change

    you should be able to port your priority date no matter what your new title is. As long as you are doing the GC all over (and that too in a new company) it doesnt matter if your old title matches with new title or not.
  3. you mentioned that you have your new I797. Why did you stamp using the old company's I797 ?
  4. You probably made their petition invalid by using an old I797 to reenter US. You can simply drive to a border and come back using the new petition. Please consult with your attorney before taking the next step. Let them guide you thru this process.
  5. nmurthy

    H1B dropbox experience Mumbai

    nope. its not going to make any difference. Just remember that you are caught in the holiday cycle. Staff in consulate may be on vacation to spend time with their family during Xmas and new year. Hang in there. You will have it soon.
  6. Just take all documents that you would normally take for a stamping. Dress appropriately, answer confidently, be polite and stay calm. Good luck.
  7. nmurthy

    H1B dropbox experience Mumbai

    it is always a good thing to see they are working on your case and updating it. There was a similar case like yours and that person was really getting frustrated too. Then one day his record got updated, but it still said admin-processing. The very next day he got his passport back. Hang in there, you will get yours soon.
  8. nmurthy

    H1B dropbox experience Mumbai

    How is it possible to call embassy? As far as i know there is no published phone number to call US consulate/s. Are you talking about calling the VFS helpdesk ?
  9. nmurthy

    Dropbox eligibility before Visa Expiry

    Yes you are. When you are in India in March, you can dropbox and get your stamped all the way till Jan 2020.
  10. you can travel using the visa stamp of old employer. Please make sure you carry your new I797 and present that at PoE (on your return). They will issue you an I94 based on the new I797.
  11. It should be perfectly fine, but please plan accordingly. Make sure you talk to your attorney and carry all sufficient documents
  12. It must be worked in IST. I am not sure how they update the online. It is possible that they have a one time job that runs overnight to update the online system. May be there is a way to subscribe to email or text to receive your updates. Please do that if available, then you dont need to check that often. Stay calm and enjoy your vacation.
  13. There are several folks on this forum with the same experience. Please feel free to read some other threads. There is no standard time frame. Some got their visa approved on 3rd day, sometimes its a week or two and there are cases where it took months. Also remember this is vacation season and consulates could be short staffed. I would say that you will receive your sometimes next week. Hang in there.
  14. This is a PIMS issue. It is very common and don't worry. Please read below to understand what is PIMS and the process. Part 1 1. Your company applies your H1-B and in the application packet they will keep a duplicate copy of application marked for KCC (Kentucky consular center) 2. Once your application is approved, USCIS consular center (Texas or Vermont or Nebraska) will send that duplicate copy to KCC. 3. KCC will then upload a copy of your petition and approval notice to PIMS (petitioner information management system) 4. PIMS is the global database that links USCIS and DoS (department of state, which runs the consulates world wide). Consulates around the world has access to PIMS and they will approve your visa if and only if your petition shows up on PIMS as approved.5. KCC may be getting many applications per day and so they are slow to upload your documents. I have no clue what their SLA is. Part 21. You are in the chennai consulate (or anywhere in the world) for stamping and your H1 approval was recent (say 2 weeks ago). 2. Visa officer (VO) looks up in the PIMS and dont see an approval (for whatever visa category you are trying to get stamped). He will understand it is just a matter of missing PIMS update.3. VO keeps the passport and lets you know that it may take a while to process your case and will put your case in admin processing 4. Once your interview is over, VO will send an email to the Kentucky consular center. Dont know the format, but i am guessing VO is requesting the KCC to update the PIMS (whether the petition is approved or not) 5. Standard SLA is 3 days for the KCC to update the PIMS system. KCC has access to another database where they can check the status of your petition. KCC will update your status in PIMS based on what they find in that addtional database. Your VO keeps checking the PIMS daily/email reply from KCC or both to see if there is an update and as soon as he finds an update (mostly approval), VO will issue/deny your visa 6. In my case, this whole drama took 1 week (which is pretty average from what i read on the forums) Your interview happened on December 6, so you will probably receive it in another day or two. Also remember this is december and many folks could be on vacation (like you are). It may take an additional couple of days. Hang in there. Hope that helps, good luck
  15. i dont see any issues for your dropbox or your travel 1 week after you join the new employer. When you book your appointment, you will have to go thru a series of questions. Based on the answers they will decide whether you are eligible or not. Good luck.