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  1. SJCDesi


    I am not sure how that works with the fact that now they do not issue I-94 cards. May be off track, but how would a person know what is his/her limit on the stay without this card now?
  2. SJCDesi

    Need help - Visitor Visa

    You have both the options, they can either self sponsor or you can sponsor them. If your parents are retired I would recommend you sponsor. Same with your siblings. Both my parents were working and my sister studying when I sponsored their visa and all of them got approved.
  3. I finally got my GC approved . I want to thanks Murthy's lawfirm for this amazing forum that has been a wealth of knowledge for my last 6 years journey, especially during H1B Transfers, Bench period, WH-4 filing (which I am very proud of till date and I did win the case) and my GC filing. Special thanks for JoeF,pontevecchio, Belle and other senior members as well as the Murthy attorneys! I won't leave this forum though :-) Good Day!
  4. Do you have your PERM and I-140 already approved? If so apply for 485, assuming you are with the company that is sponsoring your GC.
  5. Says the EB classification - EB3
  6. If you change your employer within 180 days you will have to restart your GC process with the new company. Other option is once 485 is approved your old employer should offer you the job for which you were sponsored. If you change employer after 180 days you can transfer sponsorship - but the new job should match the duties and the responsibilities of the job you were sponsored for buy your old employer.
  7. You can go and correct your Indian passport. Correct that at an Indian Consulate before filing concurrently. For Cross Chargeability - The Country of Birth matters and the Birth Certificate is the proof for that, but you documents need to be in sync, since during I-140 they only request passport copies and during 485 they request both.
  8. SJCDesi

    Contacting DOL helpdesk for PERM status

    Contact the DOL!
  9. SJCDesi

    PERM AUDIT, Next step guidance

    Since you have time you can chose any of the 2. I don't think the option to fine a new one is valid since you have to withdraw the current one.
  10. Lets hope it comes soon. :-)
  11. My lawyer sent my package for concurrent filing on 06/27 to the Nebraska office. Does anyone know how soon will I get the tracking numbers for each applications? EAD/AP/I-140?485? I have applied I-140 under Premium processing.
  12. SJCDesi

    Sample copy of approved PERM (LC document)

    Look at the form 9089 online. They certify on the same form and send it to the employer with a cover letter.
  13. SJCDesi

    PERM J1

    It wont cause any issues to your student visa.
  14. I have a dumb question. When we do concurrent filing do we send all the applications for I-140/485/AP/EAD to the same office? Or does it go to different offices?
  15. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    PD 03/18 approved 05/18
  16. SJCDesi

    PERM-PWD filing approvals in MARCH 2011

    I believe he is talking about normal PWD filing. Hang in there, your attorney is right, it can take upto 4 weeks. All the best!
  17. SJCDesi

    April Perm

    Individuals can still update their cases on ********..need not pay for that
  18. SJCDesi

    PERM Audit Current Dates

    Thats true, they cleared a lot of backlogs - check ******** for the numbers. I would recommend follow up with your lawyers, I am think they might have an email in their inbox or spam folder from DOL.
  19. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    Check ********.. lots of March approvals pouring in from 03/01 to 03/07
  20. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    iCERT has been updated with the latest processing times: PERM Processing Times (as of 04/25/2011) Analyst Reviews March 2011 Audits December 2009 Reconsideration Requests to the CO September 2008 Gov't Error Reconsiderations Current
  21. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    Does Murthy have any updates on this delays.. since there was a news letter in March stating DOL had a very less turn around time in Feb on approvals.... I haven't seen any March/April updates on any forums.. Did they just stop all of a sudden? Its just backlogs that are getting cleared.
  22. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    Yeah i guess it is.. are you a March filer?
  23. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    No PERM certifications, LCAs for H1B applications/Transfers and no WH-4 case investigation.
  24. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    Looks like the black log is starting to build since March. Murthy attorneys- any word on whats happening after the newsletter on the improved processing time? The icert portal still shows processing time as of 03/09
  25. SJCDesi

    PERM Filed in March

    For the cases I am aware of questionnaires came within minutes after filing. As your HR/Lawyer to follow up with DOL, there is a email ID they can send the question to. If its misplaced, it can cause trouble.