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  1. sweta_chandran

    H-4 EADs

    Hi This is a question about H4 - EAD - validity. I have my current H4 stamped until 30-Aug-2015. I'm in India and will be travelling 1st week of May to US. My Husband who is on H1B working in USA has the same validity 30-Aug-2015. I-140 is approved for my husband on 13-Apr-2015. My questions are: 1. Assuming I will be in US by 1st week of May, Can I apply for my EAD On May 26th? 2. I believe the processing time for H4-EAD is going to be in the ball park of 90 days or more. In that case, by the time my EAD is approved, I will be at the end of my H4 visa. What will be the validity of my EAD? 3. When my EAD application is in process, and if my husband & I file for H1B & H4 extensions together, will that be considered when determining the validity of my EAD? I mean, will they wait till my H4 is extended and then issue EAD (or) will they just issue EAD with 30-Aug-2015 date? 4. Is there a fee to extend EAD validity? Please let me know if I have provided all necessary information or need more information from me. Thanks, Sweta.
  2. Thanks much for the replies, @itsmeusa : If at all I find another employer (B) who could do a new PERM for me, and if my current employer (A) still keeps the current PERM pending with DOL without withdrawing it - I'm afraid that the new PERM will go into audit review as well. Or is it not the case? @JoeF : I've read your replies to so many posts, even before I went to US the first time way back in 2007. Thanks much for replying. Now, I've received two answers for my question #1. So, I'm still unsure. With regards to the employer, I've asked the same question to myself several times. Is he good or bad? The company employs more than 3000 plus people, but at every legal stage there is one issue or another. Is it the employer or is it just me?
  3. Hi, Need your help/advise on this query that I have. I completed by 6 years of stay (without overstay) in US and came back to India in Feb 2014. My employer filed for PERM (Priority date 08/08/2013). Since my PERM application has been pending with DOL for 365 days, now I got my 7th year extension approved and also got my new Visa stamped. When I raised concern to my employer about what if I travel to US now, and my PERM application gets rejected in the next few months - and I would have to again vacate and move out of US at the end of 7th year completion. For this my employer replied, that he will file for 'another' Labor application 'in parallel' to the existing application. Secondly, he mentioned something about MTR - Motion To Reopen, if the application gets rejected. My Questions are: 1. Can an employer file 2 labor applications for the same employee? 2. What is Motion To Reopen (MTR)? How does it work? Thanks much, Sweta.
  4. Hello, My employer applied for my labor certification in Sep 2013 and my 6th year H1b is getting over April 2014. Labor is still pending and I'm planning to go back to India before the end of 6th year H1b. Do I have any options to continue to stay in US? or just go back and wait until labor is approved?