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  1. If I do get another job in 2 months, can I staill transfer the same H1 to a new employer ? Are there any other ways to stay in the US and look for another job ? yes you can work for new employer , but it will be difficult if you get audited , or get a RFE. there is no other way because h1b quota is over so the only way is to get a new job as soon as possible like within a month
  2. 1. Can I apply for Green card in EB3 category with current employer and then later apply for H1B through another consultant, since my current employer is not willing to do H1B? dont mix up green card and h1b . green card is for future job , and h1b is for current job , so any company can apply for green card and any company can apply for h1b , they neend't have to be same 2. If my H1B gets approved and I choose NOT to move to another company, will that affect my Green card application? If so, please explain how. no , 3. If my H1B gets approved, can I still continue with my current employer using L1 visa and then change to H1B at any later point in the future with the same employer or is it better to get transferred to H1B visa with my current employer immediately after H1B gets approved? no , you cant get the transfer later, for transfer you have to first work with the other company in h1b visa( your l1 will get cancelled) and then apply for h1b transfer to your current company( you can start working once your LCA is approved like in a week). so you go with other company first and then come back or your current employer should apply for h1b(which he is not applying)
  3. code2zero

    H1B Transfer

    Dont put anything on your resume which is not legal. Tell your company that you cant produce supportive document for that summer job and tell them to remove it from your resume. I have seen this before when people put fake experince but when the company apply for h1b the employee ask to remove it from the resume.
  4. code2zero

    h1b transfer for new owner of current company

    best is talk to your companys immigration specialist or lawyer. because what you are asking is all legal nothing to hide stuff.
  5. code2zero

    H1B transfer query

    single paystub is fine, and three days wont matter PS: I went through similar situation a month ago. Relax. U will go through smoothly
  6. Hi Can i apply for new H1b in coming year general quota even if i have 221g pending(more than a year) with previous appoved h1b. ~code