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  1. HI, Me and My wife recently got H1 and H4 Visas.I just checked my wife's H4 visa and realized my middle name is misspelled in her visa(Missing A in the middle). My Middle name is SivaNagaraju but it was printed SivaNagraju. We travel-ling to USA on Aug 15 ,will there be a issue with this misspell at Port of Entry Thanks, H1Mem
  2. h1mem

    H1B extension stamping with DUI.

    Hi, I was also in the same boat in Jul 2013.I had DUI in Dec2007 and 1st stamping after DUi done in Feb 2011.I went to stamping in July 2013 , Visa officer asked about DUI and i was asked to wait for 10 min during the interview.After that he verified previous Medical report and granted my Visa . To my knowledge if you had Medical reports from previous visit ,That should be fine.
  3. Hi, Recently i got my H1 extension approved.Currently my wife is in India and planning to Travel back to USA on 03/05/2016. She have a old visa until 05/02/2016. Can she go to visa stamping with my new H1 approval copy .I heard we can only go to Visa stamping 1 month before current visa Expires ? Can she enter US POE with my approval Copy and get a I-94 based on my New H1 Extension Expiry date . Thanks, Venkata
  4. Hi, My wife recently traveled outside USA and came back in Feb 2015.Her H4 I797 is valid upto May 2016 ,Due to her shorter validity of passport her I94 was issued shorter period than I797 expiry. My questions are: If we are applying H4 EAD(I765) will they issue H4 EAD upto H4 I797 validity or I94 validity? Or Do we need to Apply I539 (extension of stay) and H4 EAD concurrently ? If we are applying concurrently do we need to pay fees for both applications? please help me to decide which one i should file. Thanks, H1mem
  5. Hi every one. I just want to share my second time VISA stamping Expierence with DUI to my fellow Murthy forum Readers.Before i went to visa stamping i was just searching for expierences for second time and couldnt find one.I went to Consulate with Ambiguity whether Officer will send me to Panel Physician for second time or straight away give me the visa. My Back Ground On H1 from 7 + years DUI Arrest : dec 2007 DUI Conviction : Jan 2009 1st Time Visa stamping : Jan 4th 2011(Got visa after 5 weeks of Medical Eval) 2nd Time Visa Stamping : July 26th 2013(Got Visa without Med Eval) VISA Stamping questions : VO: Why were you arrested in 2007 ? explain Me: Explained VO: Give me Court Docs and he was about to give me 221 g for Medical Eval Me: I gave him all the courts docs and Medical eval that were done last time. VO: asked me to wait for some time and he will call me VO: After 10 min of wait (In the mean time he reviewed my previous med eval that was done in 2011 with someone else ) and called us to the counter and spoke the golden words your visa is approved. Long Story short for the people who are planning to go second time visa stamping after 3 years of dui conviction can possibly get their visa without Panel Eval. Thanks for the fellow Murthy Forum Readers. Venkat
  6. Date application was mailed to USCIS: July 8, 2011 Date received receipt from USCIS: July 11, 2011 Status: Post Decision Activity Date of Approval: Sept 29, 2011 Any additional information: CA- Regular Extension Best of luck guys. I am yet to receive my approved document.