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  1. anilkaqua

    Remote work while on EAD

    Thank you for your reply. However i did not understand the part "contract with the employis not the remit of the state unless illegal by State law". I was looking for more information about the minimum number of hours one should work while on EAD. In this case can the derivative who has EAD can stay home(even if her prior status is H1) while the primary who also has EAD will still be working.
  2. anilkaqua

    Remote work while on EAD

    Hi, If the derivative of the AOS process is currently on H1 and has received EAD. How can the derivative shift to EAD from H1? Once after shifting to EAD, what are the terms for working? like minimum number of working hours etc. Can anyone please tell me. Thanks in Advance
  3. anilkaqua

    Is H1 extension required on EAD

    Hi, Adding to the same topic, If the derivative of the GC is currently on H1 and that H1 is going to expire, is it advisable to work on EAD. Assume that in this case Primary is still working on H1 with the sponsored employer(Even after getting EAD).