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  1. i am planning to move my daughter to F1 from H4. Can I show my 401k funds as the financial support for her visa requirement?
  2. My daughter is on H4 and graduating next year from high school. Most of her studies are done in the US. While she is applying for under grad I think she will be treated as international student. Does she also need to write TOEFL/IELTS exam if her schooling done in the US?
  3. Cloud*9

    Recover H1b Visa Fee from Consultancy

    It takes time for the consultancy to know whether the application is picked up. Your friend may need to wait a bit. I am not vouching for the consultancy's intentions though. Please take your call.
  4. Cloud*9

    How late into H1b tenure can i initiate GC?

    Finding an employer who can take care of GC processing is a tough task. Start searching now before it is too late for you.
  5. Cloud*9

    Travelling to Canada without H1b visa stamp

    After all these changes in immigration policies is Automatic revalidation still being done? Has anyone did it recently?
  6. Cloud*9

    L1 to H1 Converstion

    Have you filed it as Change of Status OR consular processing? Your status depends on that.
  7. Cloud*9

    H1 transfer denied - COS to H4

    Are you out of status now? Do you have your i94 valid for some more time? If sufficient time available you can apply for cos fron h1 to h4 without leaving the country
  8. Cloud*9

    H4 to H1 with Approved I140

    H4 with I140 approved will be getting an EAD . So I am not sure why you want to move to H1B now.
  9. Hi, I am currently on L1 and I have my 1-140 approved while I am on L1. I am planning to change my status to H1b (Cap exempt). Do I need to go through Labor certification again for changing to H1b even if my I-140 is approved with the same employer and the client?
  10. The statement is very clearly stated that premium processing is ONLY applicable to already submitted applications subject to 2018 CAP. So the answer to your question "Does it mean that it is still not possible to file new H1B petition by employer( H1B cap exempt case ) to offer job to candidate ?" is 'NO premium processing allowed for cap exempt cases but can be submitted for normal processing.'
  11. Cloud*9

    H1B extension denied and Passport expired

    If you are planning to travel back home you can apply for an emergency passport. One of my colleagues lost his passport and he got the emergency (temporary) passport in one day. With that he was able to travel back to India. For that you may have to personally visit nearest Indian Consulate/embassy and explain your case. calling them would be a better option for alternatives.
  12. If your family is on dependent visa then it is not legal for them to stay when you are out of job in the usa
  13. Cloud*9

    H4 Application

    You need to be in valid status for a COS application to H4. If your extension is denied after the L1B expiration then you need to leave the country. It is better to apply for an extension while you have plenty of time left. During Nov 2017 you can decide whether to change your status to h4 to stay in us.
  14. Cloud*9

    h4 to h1 cos and h4 expiring

    It is ideal if you extend your h4 immediately to get time beyond Oct 2017 and apply for COS.
  15. Cloud*9

    I140 Approved- Break

    Yea. That is completely acceptable. Remember green card is for future employment. It is ok for you to be outside the us until your visa is current. You need to be in the US at that time to proceed further on the process.