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  1. learner2009

    Dates descrepencies !!

    Hi, Any idea / updates ? -Learner
  2. learner2009

    Dates descrepencies !!

    Hi, My wife is on H4, and she recently got her H4 visa stamped during India trip. This is not the first time that she got her visa stamped. Based off I-797 she got her H4 visa until 22nd Feb 2017, having said that while coming back to US in Oct 2015, at port of entry, the immigration officer noticed that her passport expires 31st Oct 2016, much before her Visa End date ( 22nd Feb 2017) , so when he put a rubber stamped on the passport, he hand wrote it 31st Oct 2016 ( same as passport expiry ) and told us that he cannot write beyond passport expiry. Now after few days, we went online to download I-94 and were surprised to see that her I-94 reflects Visa expiry date i.e. 22nd Feb 2017, so at this point of time we are confused as to whether she can stay as per I-94 date that is visible on website or should she be going by what the officer wrote by hand in passport. Ofcourse we intend to apply for my H1 Visa extension as we come close to expiry., but just would like to seek gurus opinion. All of the above information is represented in tabular form below Wife passport issue date : 1st Nov 2006 Wife passport expiry date : 31st Oct 2016 H4 Visa stamped : 22nd Feb 2017 Visa office wrote manually : 31st Oct 2016 Online I-94 shows as : 22nd Feb 2017 -Learner
  3. learner2009

    Impact on H4 EAD ?

    Thanks a lot for the information, appreciate it. -Learner
  4. learner2009

    Impact on H4 EAD ?

    Hi, Apologies if this questions has already been asked in the past. I am on H1b and I-140 is cleared under EB3 category. My wife who is on H4 already has a EAD card because of my I-140. My employer is planning to file EB3 to EB2, so i have following small questions : a) Would it impact my wife's H4 EAD in any way ? b) Is there going to be a gap in her EAD validtity while my case is being from EB3 to EB2 ? c) If for any unknown / exceptional scenerio, my EB2 gets rejected , does that means my EB3 is screwed up too ? Sorry for such basic questions
  5. learner2009

    Would it nulify or impact EB3 ?

    Thanks a lot for the information, appreciate it. With above post of yours, I am assuming it's not going to impact on EB3 I-485 filling if EB2 is rejected for whatsoever reason. -Learner
  6. Hi, I am on H1b and i am in EB3 catagerory & my I-140 is approved with a priority date of Aug 2011. My co. is planning to file for EB2. Is it true to say : If for whatsoever reason, USCIS determines that I am not eligible for EB2 , then this would impact or nulify my current ongoing EB3 processing ? So effectively are there any risk associated if EB2 doesn't go through ? Is there more risk while you are associated with employer who did EB3 ? -Learner
  7. learner2009

    How many years of extension will i get on H1b ?

    Thanks a lot for the clarification, appreciate it. -Learner
  8. learner2009

    How long i can stay outside USA having H1b visa

    This post may answer your question
  9. Hi, I am on H1b ( 7th year - initial few years on L1 and now on H1 ) and my GC I-140 is approved that's why i got visa extension for another 3 years, so it's valid till Feb 2017 One of my friend told me that since i already 3 year extension based on I-140, next time when i apply for extension again in 2017, i will only get 1 year extension, since as per him, using I-140 you can get 3 years extension only once .. Is it true ? It doesnt make sense to me, so thought of reconfirming within the forum. So in a nutshell next time when i apply for texnsion in 2017 would i get 3 year extension base on I-140, leaving aside Visa officer discretion issue. -Learner
  10. learner2009

    is my case screwed ?

    Hi Jairichi, Just to bring everyone on the same page, day before yesterday, i received a official response from them while the status was "Admin processing" and yesterday the status moved from "Admin processing" to "Issued" and today i received my passport with stamped visa. -Learner
  11. learner2009

    Need help regarding DS-160

    I believe it should be Yes, sine ur labor is approved. Atleast this is what i did last year after consulting my lawer, when i was in same situation. -Learner
  12. learner2009

    is my case screwed ?

    I took a dropbox option for my H1 extension. I appeared for OFC last week i.e. 21st Nov 2013 ( at Mumbai, India , home country ) , they just took following documents from me : * Fingerprints * Took the photograph * I-797 * DS-160 confirmation * Payment Receipt and today when i checked ustraveldocs site , it says Then I dropped an email to automated passport tracking system and I got an automated email that says "Your passport is delivered to post" Now i am confused and anxious since visa status says it's under "Admin processing" , and passport tracking says "it's delivered to post" , can i assume that they have probably returned my passport to courier service and along with passport they might have put a note saying they require xyz document ? OR This status of bring Admin processing is just temporary and it would go away in a day or so ? Sorry, but i am little anxious , any info/help would be appreciated. -Learner
  13. learner2009

    Would this be an issue ?

    The only big catch that i see from option (b) is if while i am in india & they apply for my pp and it gets rejected due to some funky reason. So in that case I will not get new i-797 and i don't know if it may invalidate previous i-797 on which 3 months is left ? then i will have noo option since my current visa on passport is already expired. or 2nd risk could be ... may be while i am in india and i get i-797 and go for interview , US consulate still doesn't have complete details about my new i-797 and they put me in Admin processing .. i may be totally wrong in my assumptions....i am getting more n more inclined towards option (a)
  14. learner2009

    Would this be an issue ?

    Hi, I am in US. I have a visa stamped till Mar 2013 but i have a I-797 valid till Feb 2014. Now due to family emergency I have to travel to India, obviously i have to get my visa stamped... so i have 2 small questions : a) Would it be a risky affair to go out of country and get stamped since I-797 is valid for another 3 months or so ?? b) If you think option (a) is too risky, would it make sense to apply it in premium processing while i am in India and then go for stamping. I am expecting to get new extension document I-797 for 3 years since My GC 140 is cleared. Unfortunately i cannot avoid my India trip. Sorry, but this is kind of little urgent, if anyone can let me know, that would be great.
  15. learner2009

    Simple question .. Do i have to do visa stamping

    Thanks for the prompt response appreciate it.