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  1. first of all ....stop drinking and driving. U are lucky u were caught before major damage . Second of all... stop drinking and driving , risking urs + other commuters life. thirdly... ur imm attorney would be the right person to answer .
  2. I have too started the process of getting Canada visitor visa. I will definitely appreciate if someone could help. for ex: reason for travel ( Visitor/Tourist/Other) , dates of travel ( start and end date) ( how do we know about this...until the visa is approved ) also they are asking for point of contact ( I dont have anyone. ) what should be mentioned here? thanks in advance. rush143
  3. Hi , I submitted all my requested documents to my employer for GC and after a month when I check for my filing status I got the following reply from my employer. I want to know if this is legitimate answer or my employer is just playing with me. "GC- The prevailing wage determination status is “still in process” in DOL website. This step is not in our hands to control. As soon as we gt the PWD, we can start the recruitment process." Please reply and if possible point me to webpage which I can use to reply back my employer. Thanks to all who are doing wonderful job supporting people like me. Arvind
  4. rush143

    Help Needed on documentation

    I think you should also file for H1 amendment also. some one correct me if wrong
  5. Hi, My company(client) applied H1 at vermont center premium process. Still the status shows "Acceptance" . did anyone get any kind of reply from this center in october?? how long does it take? Thanks