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    EB1 A chances

    Try to see if you can qualify for other criteria's. For criteria no. 2, you can also provide reference of industrial reports/project reports. For most of us who work in industry and perform research or innovation, companies don't allow them to publish. For that reason, i would recommend that you get the recommendation letter from experts stating that you provided such contribution (if you did, ofcourse) and it wasn't allowed to publish to maintain the competitive advantage. Bottom line think beyond patents, journal publications and typical research publications. Goal is that you prove that you indeed provided original scientific contribution and that contribution has a benefit for USA. Other point to emphasis is that you indeed plan to CONTINUE to pursue and provide such contribution in future (if you really plan to). You don't have a Ph.D. so that may be a challenge but if you are solid contributors on the criteria, then it's still worth it rather than waiting for EB-2 to come around.
  2. I think you will quality. Easiest way to check this is to go to USCIS website and look at 9 criteria for EB-1 EA category. You need to qualify for atleast 3 obviously more are better. If you are director then you can possibly claim the higher wage then rest of the people which is one of the criteria. Get good recommendation letters. White papers are OK, there is nowhere it says that you have to have a journal paper. Don't think too much just do it would be my advise. Focus on two things and two things only (1) qualify for as many criteria as possible out of 9 (2) Substantiate each of the criteria with facts/awards/any publications/recommendations as you can. Best of luck