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  1. Since, you put out there that priorities need to be check in life, your value of opinion went the other way Stop judging and start helping Thats the point of help
  2. A parent asked for help - was it provided, yes from an attorney others went on to judge him with "make hay" posts and opinion tht gc seems far valuable than life, keeping priorities straight. etc.... And me calling them out was called a rant. and the very reason people are on forums is to help others what they have gone through and provide a path. Not judge/ detrimate others value and prove that everything going with rulebook works. Again , helping is what this forum is about, if u cannot help, ur views will be definitely called out.
  3. Im sorry, but I didnt know you are USCIS You can play in the rounds of the game, but life does not go with the rulebook of uscis It was a simple question. No harm in asking questions. Judging was done by some advanced members , yes atoorneys know the rulebooks, have you seen them judgin on forum
  4. As n again I said, easier to judge from outside, rather being in OP shoes.
  5. ge145

    Pay structure on H1B

    u r right
  6. I agree with you But you cannot make fun with make hay statements A parent is asking for directions, dont judge/make fun.
  7. Again, cannot understand what a parent goes thru.
  8. if you are on visa and your GC is not yet in your hands and your job security isnt unlimited - as you are on visa - you are not a citizen/GC holder On top of it, you are taking care of your sick child - what would a parent ask OP asked a genuine question You judged him downright with your MAKE HAY post And your apologies has to goto OP
  9. @ Op, I understand your concern ,attorney can be your best guide @ OTHERS who dont think twice before posting This isnt about emotions - its about taking care of a sick family member who is a kid. If you are not a parent, do not comment that people want to take advantage. You havent gone through the emotions of being a parent , and CANNOT understand what a parent goes through. A simple example is, it takes a toll on your job taking care of family (running back n forth to hospitals /treatment centers /Dr visits ) and you are being told to look somewhere else from ur peers/mgrs.
  10. ge145

    Got Visa on OCT 3rd Indian

    assuming sprin 2014 means u r going to come here on F1. If so, you can travel upto 30 days before your semester starts.
  11. ge145

    About H4 Visa Slot booking

    it depends on which consulate you are booking slot for
  12. ge145

    H1B Stamping in India- Concerns

    Since your previous RFE's have been satisfied, you should be good. All the best
  13. ge145

    DSO is not reinstating my SEVIS

    For any COS denied, you have to leave country and get stamping done.
  14. ge145


    If you have a valid reason - like any family event - birthday / graduation/wedding etc, there is no problem.
  15. ge145

    Expired H1-B visa traveling thru Germany to India

    http://www.germany.info/Vertretung/usa/en/05__Legal/02__Directory__Services/01__Visa/__Transit__Visa.html Transit Visa Country ListNationals of the following countries are required to be in possession of an airport transit visa when passing through the international transit area of airports in Germany: AFGHANISTAN, BANGLADESH, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, ERITREA, ETHIOPIA, GHANA, INDIA, IRAN, IRAQ, JORDAN ** (please see below), LEBANON, MYANMAR, MALI, NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, SOMALIA, SRI LANKA, SUDAN, SOUTH SUDAN, SYRIA, TURKEY ** In addition, Jordanian citizens are exempt from an airport transit visa if they hold a valid visa for Australia, Israel or New Zealand, and hold a valid boarding pass or ticket for one of these countries. Jordanian citizens are also exempt if they, after a legal stay in one of the above mentioned countries, are travelling back to Jordan and are in possession of a valid boarding pass or ticket to Jordan. The connecting flight must be leaving within 12 hours after arriving in Germany from the same airport in whose transit section the traveller has been waiting. Exceptions: Nationals from the above list are entitled to transit through the international transit zones without an airport transit visa: 1. If they hold a valid visa for the United States of America 2. If they return from the USA after having used the visa (however, the return has to occur within latest four days after expiration of the validity of the visa) 3. If they hold one of the following residence permits: * Form I-551 permanent resident card (valid for 2 to 10 years), * Form I-551 Alien registration receipt card (valid for 2 to 10 years), * Form I-551 Alien registration receipt card (no expiry date), * Form I-327 Re-entry document (valid for two years — issued to holders of a I-551), * Resident alien card (valid for 2 or 10 years or no expiry date. This document guarantees the holder’s return only if his stay outside the USA has not exceeded one year), * Permit to re-enter (valid for two years. This document guarantees the holder’s return only if his stay outside the USA has not exceeded two years), * Valid temporary residence stamp in a valid passport (valid for one year from the date of issue). Please note that the advance parole and the approval notice (I-797) are not valid documents for visa free airport transit!
  16. For h1 to H4, u must have filed COS Reentering US on valid H4, which my guess is you have to get it stamped. If you believe receipt of COS application will make u reenter you maybe wrong.
  17. I dont believe international travel while COS is pending is possible. If u decide to go, USCIS believes the application is abandoned
  18. ge145

    Expired H1-B visa traveling thru Germany to India

    $200/- versus cancelling of travel plans alongwith if possible non refundable air tkt ?
  19. ge145

    H1 cool off rules

    if H1 is available in May 2014, yes Not sure abt travel, best to ask company lawyer for tht
  20. ge145

    Regarding my stay without H4 receipt#

    give urself arnd 3-5 business day for receipt
  21. ge145

    Unpaid leave during govt shutdown

    if OP is employed by a fed govt entity he/she is affected @rahul412/@jairichi - not every employer is a private small desi consultancy
  22. ge145

    parents visitor visa rejected - please help

    The VO kept stressing the fact that they cant finance their trip Try changing that in your application
  23. ge145

    Parents visa complicated questions!!

    @OP Sorry to hear about your situation I have seen a family suffering through this and understand your concern The idea of UK is a good one (my friend send his mom to Consulate in canada). Please create a good formal party invitation - baby shower or post baby celebration your call. Also do include in your invitation that you have hired a nanny/helper at home and show credibility in that Its all about creating a solid application and getting the visa approved.
  24. ge145

    GC For Work Experience

    GC is not mainly based on experience It also depends on the kind of experience and for what position your employer is seeking tht petition