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  1. jinneebhat

    TN vs H1b on GC

    One US employer started my GC process while I was working in Canada on a PR. I got my I140 approved. He also applied my H1b on basis of I140 but it got approved for 10 months only. Now I do not want to join him since I do not want to do all travel for just 10 months approval and rather wait for my canadian citizenship. The citizenship will come in another 1.5 yrs. Can I move to TN visa after Canadian citizenship and work for that employer, so as to complete my obligation to join him? Also, will my GC application continue? I am software analyst with Indian nationality Please advise
  2. jinneebhat

    Approved I140 - Change of Employer - 3Year Extension

    What happens if the employer revokes I140? Does the priority date is lost?
  3. My I140 was approved but was not provided any document. It went to my employer and his attorney Now my H1b is expiring next week and my extension has been rejected. Can someone guide me if I can change employer and if so, what documents would I need to provide my I140 approval and hence the priority date? I only have the I140 case number only
  4. I have decided to leave my employer who filed my PERM. My employer has been pressing me for the loss he has got for filing my PERM as soon as I joined him. I do feel guilty but do not want to lose a better opportunity Please advise if the PERM can be withdrawn before its result? Does the employer firm gets back all the application fee on withdrawl? Also, if i decide to wait till PERM approval and then leave, do I get any advantage on PD or next PERM process from future employer?
  5. I recently switched to L2 fromH1b. I do have an expired L2 stamp which I used 6 yrs back before H1. Can I use my new I94 and L2 status to return to US on AVR after a 21 day Canada visit by air.. automatic visa revalidation? I happen to have a Candian PR for enteeing into Canada The downside is.. the primary L1 visa holder will not be travelling with me
  6. jinneebhat

    AVR using age old L2 stamp

    I have got 3 stamps on my passport L2 expired in 2008 H1 expired in 2010 I once availed AVR in 2012 when I was on H1 status Now I converted from H1 to L2 COS Can I visit Canada and return to US using old 2008 L2 stamp and new approved L2 petition using AVR?
  7. I have got my EAD card valid till June 2014. Now my employer wants me to switch to H1b visa. I plan to convert L2-H1 COS, and work for say 2 months, and thereafter apply I539 again. In that case, do I have to apply I765/EAD card again? (even when my existing EAD card is valid)
  8. jinneebhat

    H1-L2 COS approved.. grace period for H1b

    Can I work for H1b employer from Canada since I have the PR
  9. I got my I539 approved within 30 days.. is there a grace period for which I can continue to work with my H1b employer and complete my transition?
  10. jinneebhat

    G4 visa terms for dependents

    Does dependents of a G4 visa have to change their status? Cant they continue to stay on their existing non-immigrant work visa like H1 or L1?
  11. jinneebhat

    PERM Pending - Convert to G4 visa

    Can someone please answer this
  12. jinneebhat

    PERM Pending - Convert to G4 visa

    Can some expert/attorney please respond to this?
  13. My employer has filed my PERM and am waiting for its results.Meanwhile, UN has given me an offer to join them on G4 visa. Will my PERM gets disqualified if I convert to G4? My spouse works on L1. Will he need to switch to G4 and abandon his L1? Can I work with any organization other than UN itself?
  14. I want to apply H1b - L2 COS and EAD together? Is that possible and do u think it helps gain the time 1 month/2 months lost for ead processing current processing time for L2 is 2.5 months at vermont and I765 is 3 months. Once my L2 is approved, can I move out of country and continue working for H1b employer remotely from Canada(I have PR) till my EAD gets approved?
  15. My 6 yrs of H1b is expiring in Oct 2013. I plan to shift to H4 in Sep itself and save H1b 1 month for later. Reason: My employer has applied PERM, though late and it will be processed in DEC 13 Can I rejoin my employer on H4-H1b COS for the left over month in Dec 13 after PERM approval? So that my employer can then apply my I140 and later I can file another H1b extension to get 3 yrs extension on approval Is there a minimum term that I must have in H1b to file COS?