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  1. chileno

    Traveling to Mexico on expired H1B visa stamp.

    You will need a valid US visa to qualify for Mexico visa waiver. Also there is no visa on arrival in Mexico, the air line will actually deny boarding if you show up without a valid US visa. You should get a Mexican visa from any of the numerous Mexican consulates in the US - costs about $36 and takes a day.
  2. I can't think of any documentation anywhere starting that visitors are "entitled" to 6 months stay. I always believe that duration of stay is at the discretion of the CBP officer. Just change her tickets to depart within the 2 months and your problem is solved.
  3. chileno

    F1 Student Visa Refusal

    Unless something has changed in your situation, I would not expect a different outcome. Maybe try securing admission into a more prestigious university?
  4. chileno

    Different Port OF Entry

    Make sure he has tickets to FL after a short stay with you. Also let him have your address and contact number just in case CBP wants to call and verify. And make sure you pick up the phone from any unknown callers that day!
  5. chileno

    Need urgent help-Stamping in Mexico

    Mexico has birthright citizenship too. In case you are worried about your baby obtaining Indian citizenship if you travel there.
  6. chileno

    Visitor visa extension for parents

    As others have already asked - what is your reason to request extension? After all the visa is called a "visitor" visa and you will have to come up with a reason why 6 months is not sufficient to complete the purpose of the "visit" remember your parents are not allowed to live in the US on a visitors visa. If your reasons are not strong enough, then the extension will get denied and their existing visa will become invalid. They will also accrue illegal overatay status in the US for the duration, which is probably not a good thing on your parents future travel chances given todays political climate.
  7. chileno

    Mom's visitor visa applying 3rd time

    If your mom got rejected for being a potential immigrant while she applied on her own, I think applying with other family may make it look like the whole family now wants to immigrate to the US?
  8. chileno

    Potential Immigrant on F1 can apply for B1B2

    There is a reason why the consulate takes your fingerprint and photograph at every visa interview - so changing passports or even nationality does not hide anything.