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    Travel abroad while N-400 in process

    Thank you pontevecchio and JoeF
  2. Hello All, I am currently eligible to apply for citizenship (via 90-day rule) but wont be eligible to take oath until after July 20th. Never been out of country for more than 30 days in a single trip and have been outside USA for 86 days total since July 20th 2011 when I became PR. My question is, I have family visiting for summer vacation and would like to take them on a 3 day cruise to Mexico sometime mid-July. Is it advisable to make this trip? I am aware that I need to be available for Biometrics or any other naturalization procedures; and would ensure the trip doesn't clash with those critical processes. Also, on the day of the interview will I have to fill out any amendment to the application to list this additional trip that occurred after N-400 was filed? Kindly advise