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  1. footballfan_kb

    Affidavit using International Notary

    I mentioned that it was an affidavit to support a request of evidence for my N-400 application. The evidence is for my dates of employment but I only have W-2's which show the year but not the dates. so the attorney is suggesting I include the affidavit of me stating my employment details. Hope this helps as I am looking to get another opinion here. I am checking with my attorney as well but am looking to see if anyone has experience and can opine.
  2. footballfan_kb

    N-400 Continuance response - Employment based GC

    Thanks for the responses so far. B does not exist anymore as B itself was acquired by C, a very large corporation after I left. I am trying to get Paystubs or my employment details from C but no luck so far. I sent a request to their HR via fax as their outsourced service could not find the details as I never worked for C. I have been talking to my attorney and I am not sure if my attorney is following the best path. I believe she is going on the acquisition path, asking me to write an affidavit and get 2-3 affidavits from owners of the company, coworkers etc. One concern I have is my job title was different due to a promotion than the job code used in Labor certification, not sure if that will be a problem. I just feel the more facts open up, the officer may ask for more information or deny the application. Due to all this, is it safer to use the AC-21 provision due to the fact my GC was approved after 180 days of I-485 being filed? Am I missing something about AC-21?
  3. My attorney is asking me to sign an affidavit but the issue is I am currently traveling and in another country due to my mom's surgery. I won't be back in time to sign this and notarize this in the US as it will be past the due date set by USCIS. Will my affidavit be treated valid by USCIS I get this notarized by a notary in India? This affidavit is to respond to a request for my N-400 application. Thanks in advance.
  4. When my I-485 was applied, my employer was Employer A. Employer A was acquired by Employer B before my Green card was approved. My job did not change, organization structure did not change and I continued working for Employer B. I do not have any documents tied to my I-485 application anymore as it's been 12 years. My Green card was approved 220 days after I-485 was filed but in the same year 485 was filed and the acquisition happened. My company did not file an amended I-140 and I do not believe there was any communication sent to USCIS triggering the use of AC21. Recently, I went to N-400 Interview. Everything went well but the officer requested that I show proof of employment with the employer (Employer A) after the Green card was approved. I have W-2s of Employer B after the Green card was approved. Should I send the W-2's of Employer B and the press release of the acquistion or should I go with the route that I used AC21 since my Green card was approved 180 days after it was filed? What is the best strategy to respond?