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  1. hello, i see that the date for eb2 india is going to move to may 2009 from the september visa bulletin. my date is in first week of april 2009..i had already replied to my RFE last week with updated EVL and medicals. with this being the case,what are my odds of getting the green card before it retrogress back in Novem 2014..if not this time,what are the chances of the date becoming current again next year and gettng the green card.
  2. hello, for those travelling on ead with AP and working as an independnent consultant through your own LLC...will there be any issues at the port of entry for questions about your employment........... did any one travelled on this scenario...recently. is it ok to work for your own company on ead and travel on AP and reenter.
  3. Hello, I am with my current employer and just got my 2nd h1b extension stamping done from india which is valid until 2016. please let me in case if I change employers in the meantime, will I still need to get the h1b stamping again..or can i travel with old stamping and new employer approval.. will ther be any issue at the port of entry..had anyone tried this recently?
  4. hello, i will be dropping my docs for h1b and my wife's h4 stamping next week in delhi consulate as i could see that we are eligible for drop box option. 1. how long will it takes for the receipt to get activated after i pay the fee at a bank branch center - axis/citi bank? 2. i had the advice slip generated from my accout profile for paying the fees..it is a single slip that show the visa fees for both myself and my wife together($190 each - total $380) since i added her in my account profile and didnt create a separte account profile for her..so,will i get a separate fee payment receipt number for each of us or will it be a once receipt number common for both....I need this receipt number to generate the drop box confirmation letter. 3. for question 2) above..is a separate drop box confirmation letter required for myself and my wife or just one drop box letter is sufficient..please clarify. 4. mine is a E-V-C model.. i just got 3 yrs approved..do i need to submit the client and vendor letters also at the time of dropping the documents 5.since mine is a drop box option ..i dont have any appointment letters as such..all i have is drop box lettter and DS 160 form..but my attorney wants to notify the consulate 5 days in advance.without a appointment date , how does this advance period notification apply.. please clarify..
  5. hello, Let us keep a track of all the applications sent to the California service center (receipt number starts with EAC) and the processing status. This will help us determine which receipt date the service center is currently processing and reduce the anxiety faced by most of us on our case status. please use the below format: date applied: approval date: RFE,if any, date: type of work - EVC consulting/full time (EVC - Employer vendor client) below is mine - receipt code: EAC date applied: oct 2nd 2013 approval date: no response yet RFE date: type of work - EVC
  6. hello, i was on ead for the last 7months.and with my same (h1b) employer ...want to go back to h1b status so that i can bring my kid from india,who is born in india. if i apply for ead to h1b while in US, will i get a i94 along with the h1b approval. and since my wife and kid are in india,can i ask them to get the h4 visa stamping without me getting the stamping first and ask them to travel to USA..
  7. hello, i had applied for my h1b extension on sep 15th and yet to get a decision. this is my second time extension...it was sent to california processing center. i see the natioanal average for california processing center is 2.5 months and my wait is well above that ....wht sould i do now.....my employer dont want to do premium.. should i call up uscis or go to a local office and escalate this.
  8. hello, i am plannnig to go for stamping in chennai pretty soon in january. from the instructions..i seem like qualify for drop box as i am with the same employer for the last 7 years and havent changed to any other status since then and my last stamping was also in chennai. but , now,i work in a E-V-C model..do i still need to submit any documents during drop box to support tthis E-V-C model or is it only if 221g is required. also,what are the probability of getting a 221g when submitted through drop box in chennai consulate.
  9. hi, i just recently filed my 2nd time h1b extension - i also have ead... eb2 jan 2009 due to some reason,i had to be on h1b.. i am currently working on this model client - vendor v1-vendor v2-employer v2,is just a pass through and a small company. i submitted a letter from client and vendor v1.when i applied for h1b extension. i am hearing things like USCIS client visit these days like to know the following. 1. if someone from USCIS visit me for client site visit, should i even tell them about vendor v2 in between. 2. what should i say about who i report to and who controls me..what should i say about daily status and how my employer is involved in this model. 3. my lca says ..wage in my location is 68k and i am getting more than that as am on % basis.and my offer letter says 74k..should i just say 74k as my pay to the USCIS officer 4.finally,if at all if there is any discrepancy in what i provide to the USCIS officer and what he has on records from h1b extension, what will happen ,will they cancel my h1b and i will go out of status...please advise just need some tips to face the USCIS client visit...
  10. vendy9999

    h1b - visa stamping fee -

    hello, i wanted to apply for my h1 and h4 renewal for my wife and kid. is a separte application fee for each of us or if we all are going together, then a single fee is fine? it seems like i will qualify for a drop box - can i just drop all the docs together with the drop box.
  11. vendy9999

    h1b extension - query

    hello, i currently work in the below model h1b employer -> vendor a -->vendor b --- >client my extension is due is next month. and i am in the process of collecting documents. i would like to know 1. what are the documents needed to provide employee- client relationship 2. what are the chances of rfe on the other model. 3. how difficult it wll be to get approval after rfe for the above model. please share ur experiences with rfe on the above similar model
  12. hello, i had sent my ap extension docs to a PO box addres in phoenix since my i485 filing recept started with LIN. usps says it is delivered. now,whats next..how do i know that all docs are perfect and it is being processed. wht happens,if docs are incomplete.. do we get a receipt notice for ap extesion filing as well thanks
  13. my h1b extension is due in sep 2013. i currently work on this model myself --my h1b employer - vendor a - vendorb - client now,what sort of a RFE can we expect here. and if SOW and client letter were requested, who should i get it from ,is it from vendor a or from the client itself ----- and if any reporting and managing details are being asked, should i give some contact from vendor a or from the client itself. the concern is - i dont know much far the client is going to support on the above two..as i just joined them..but vendor a and b are very supporting in furnishing the details and letters. please advise
  14. i and my wife are on ead here...we just had a child born in india ..my wife is in india with the child. since our dates are not current - eb2 - march 2009....we cant add our kid to our i485 application and bring him in here. thinknig of bring the kid on b2 here until the date becomes current again..will it pose any issue in future.. we understand it only 6 monts stay on b2...but will there be any other issue
  15. i just got my ead renewed for 2 yrs..i am now going to apply for my ap as well.but want to do it on my own..got a question...since i am not going for combo option here, and as i understand i wont be getting any card as such for ap approval ,if applied separately, do i still need to send those 2 passport size phots..pls advise