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  1. parag.makhija

    WIFE sponsoring Parents VISA, Need guidance

    here are the questions. (along with Hindi Translator) Q1. VO To father : Where does your son work. Ans : Replied with Company Name & Client. Q2 :VO To father : When did your son go to USA. Ans: Replied correct month and year.(it was 2 years since i was in USA without a trip back ) Q3. VO To FATHER: Is you son married. Ans : No (as per my status during that time.) Q4 : VO to FATHER : How long do you wish to go USA. Ans: 6 months (as i filled in the VISA for 6 months so i wanted them to stick with the same ans.) Q5 : VO to MOTHER : What do you do ? Ans : She replied HouseWife. Further VO looked at my father and mother and gave them 234(b) form and further informed that you cannot be given VISA this time, they requested to know why, but they were not answered on that part.
  2. parag.makhija

    WIFE sponsoring Parents VISA, Need guidance

    There is not much change in their lives as such. Only thing that happened post their visa rejection was my trip to india to met my parents after 2.7 years and i got married the same time.
  3. parag.makhija

    WIFE sponsoring Parents VISA, Need guidance

    Thank you for your reply, 1. My younger brother (single) is working in INDIA, 2. They have good property value and business in india, their purpose of visit is just to meet us for a month or two. 3. My Grandmother is old and stays in INDIA at my home town and she also needs to be taken care of. 4. Other than me and my wife, We do not have any more relatives in USA as of now. Do the above mentioned points are good enough for as guranntee for them to return to INDIA. will that be good enought to justify
  4. Hi, My Parents VISA applied last year in March, 2012 from my sponsorship got rejected with letter 214(b). I got married in Oct 2012, and wish to reapply my parents VISA using my WIFE sponsorship. Me and my Wife both are working on L1B Visa. As i do not have valid VISA now, but i am on I94, due to which i wish to reapply my Parents VISA using my WIFE sponsorship (having valid VISA till July 2013). Please provide your thoughts if this if the right approach for reapplying Parents VISA ? Also let me know if any other details are needed for same. Thank you..