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  1. I could not open a SR as there was already SR opened by office in my recent Info-pass appointment. Got response for that SR but that is also incorrect (Response was sent to my spouse and it shows the SR was opened for inquiry on out of processing times) I am trying to approach through lawyer.....will post if I have any updates, please let me know if you have taken any other steps to correct your problem.
  2. Country: India Category: EB2 PD: Mar'06 Still did not receive the decision on the case. History: Raised several tickets, requested inquires through senator always receiving a standard response that I should hear a decision/action in 60 days but after that no response from USCIS. 3 days back took an info-pass appointment and went to local office - there the lady said, case has been with an officer since Oct and no background check or name check is pending. Problem: In that appointment, she noticed that the A# on my I-140 approval and my I-485 receipt are different. and also said somebody gave fingerprints 3 weeks back with the A# on my I-485 receipt. Experts - please advice on What should I do to clear this mess???
  3. We are also in kind of similar situation. Priprity date is Feb'06 - current from Aug 2010. Our case was transferred to local field office and then to Nebraska service center with out any interview (We filed at Vermont service center) Opened several SRs, and went to local office twice. Every time we receive a letter saying in 60 days we should receive an update on the case but so far no updates. Not sure what to do?
  4. India2us

    EAD renewal

    I had the similar situation... My AP application was rejected with missing informations, I completed the appication & sent the package that was returned from USCIS No new copies or check