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  1. Yes. Her Bank Account was recently opened. But, the money came from a Business Over Draft Account in which she is a Business Partner. Will there be any issues for my H1B Visa? Can you please reply?
  2. Hi, We applied Visitor's Visa for my mother's elder sister. She is single and doesn't have any kids. She wanted to visit USA and spend some time with me and my newborn Kid and visit some placed. She raised me from my childhood and considered me as her son all the time. I am on H1B. I sent her sponsor and invitation letter. During the interview, VO took her to a sperate section and grilled her 2 Hours stating that she is coming to USA to work for us and get paid. Even though she denied all those claims, they weren't satisfied and gave her 221g white slip. They took her signature on some form and released her. They took all my docs. (H1B VISA / I797 / Drivers License, Tax returns, bank documents, sponsor letter & invitation letter ). I am very worried if they are going to do something with my H1B. Can you please help?
  3. Thanks for your reply speeder. I hired a lawyer yesterday. He said he will try his best to sort it out. I am worried and tensed whether he will do it right or not? He is not asking any additional documentation from me. All he took was a photocopy of my ticket, attorney fees and that's it. He was even mentioning that, i don't need to appear to court on my court date. Is this right? Because, COP clearly told me that, if i didn't appear on my court date, arrest warrant will be issued against me. Do i need to provide any additional documentation to my lawyer? Please advice. Thanks for your help.
  4. I was booked under section 28-701.02A3 for speeding 95 MPH in a 65 MPH zone today - 07/06/2011. This happened in Phoenix, Arizona. This is my first ever Ticket. I was slapped with a a huge fine and mandatory court visit. Cop, didn't arrest me or jailed me. I was on my way to Doctor's Office and was very close to missing the appointment, so i was driving fast. Cop, listened to my explanation. He even talked to doctor's office and confirmed that i really had an appointment. Also, in the citation, it says that I'm not eligible for Traffic School, as this is a Criminal Traffic Offense. Can someone please help me with the following questions: 1) Is there any way I can get this off my Driver record? 2) Will it affect my GreenCard Process and H1B Visa Process? Since it is a criminal citation, it will go onto my records. I don't want that to happen. Do i need to mention "Yes" in all my job applications, visa applications, I-485 and AOS forms? For Conviction & Criminal Cases. I am planning to go for H1B stamping in August. 3) I have not Paid the fine yet. Should I appeal it, hire a lawyer or what should i do to get this off as a criminal offence? Please reply. I really appreciate your time and help. Thanks.