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  1. I am in a situation where H1b has been approved for my new employer. However I prefer to stick with the current employer till Oct 15, 2016 (may be a few more days) so that I qualify for year end bonus. I assume it is doable. Any feedback would be greatly helpful. Also, is there a limit on how long one could wait before joining the new employer? Thanks in advance.
  2. Based on what you said, your friend is out of status as of now if some other employer did not file for a new H1b before the lay-off. Your friend may still file through someone else after 4th but may have to leave the country for consular processing and re-enter US with visa stamp.
  3. vgowri

    I-140 filing

    I think it depends on - on what basis you are planning to enter US? You did not say whether your employer is processing your green card in EB1/2/3. Also do you currently hold any visa? If nothing else, you need to wait for a visa based on priority date.
  4. I would even doubt whether the employer filed I-140 at this time. Once you start from there, call up customer support here - 1-800-375-5283. Probably say something like you have lost your receipt number and can you find the case status for I-140
  5. vgowri

    Got laid off on H1B

    Based on what eVisa stated, the official last working day is March 25 - like 2 week notice from March 11 but don't have to come to office during the notice period. I have heard of 'such' arrangements..
  6. vgowri

    Got laid off on H1B

    You won't be out of status if your new H1 is filed before March 25th since that is your last working day with your current employer.
  7. vgowri

    H1B Revoked by employer

    In some cases USCIS uses their discretion even if the petitioner has overstayed the status period. However it is very risky to rely on that. The best advice your attorney can probably give at this point is that you should be prepared to leave the country for consular processing.
  8. vgowri

    Perm process taking long time

    Based on the information you have given, you should have already received some communication back. If that is not the case, you or your attorney need to follow-up with DOL. You could follow up by either calling them or through online.
  9. When a new H1 (transfer) is obtained, can one continue to work with the current employer and if so, is there an option to join the new employer down the line say in a few months?
  10. vgowri

    L1/L2 to H1b

    I agree it is illegal. But from what I hear, quite a few smaller 'staffing' companies are processing H1b's in the lottery and once they know it is approved, the employers start finding projects for their employees. Thus the question. Based on your answers, I come to know that h1b means change of status from L1 and so it immediately takes precedence. Is there a systemic change once h1b is approved? As in, does USCIS notify employer or Lawyers that the particular L1 employee has a COS?
  11. You should be able to get a new H1 and show your H4 receipt number because currently your status in US is based on your H4 receipt number. Fair warning - Because your H1 is due to a COS from a pending H4, there might be situations for RFE. Consult with the Immigration Attorney who would be filing your H1.
  12. So, I followed up with an online form at - e-Request URL on March 3, 2016 and Today (March 7, 2016) I got an email with the status - "On March 7, 2016, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXXX, and will mail it to the address you gave us." Does this mean the EAD is approved? Any feedback based on past experience is welcome.
  13. vgowri

    L1/L2 to H1b

    If someone is in L1 or L2 and they manage to get H1b through one of 'consulting' firms, are there any options to continue in L1/L2 until one finds a project? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  14. From what I know, H4 (probably though I-94) gives you status to stay and EAD adds the privilege of work Authorization. So, if we did not file for amendment to extend H4, my wife would have been out of status. However, we have followed up with our Immigration Attorney and are waiting. No additional insights yet..
  15. vgowri

    Did not receive I797 Approval Notice yet

    You can also get your I-94 online. But it helps to have I-797 with you. See if you could update your address with USCIS and ask them to send a copy.