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  1. One of my Cousin who is currently on F-1 OPT applied for H1B this FY. He had to travel to India this weekend to pay the last respects to his dad. He was notified by his employer that H1B application was picked in the lottery right after he reached India. Can someone please shed some light on what happens with his H1B process and his current F-1 Status as he traveled to India during the H1B process. Can he to come back after the Funeral with his current valid F1 stamping? Will the H1B process be still continue?
  2. krsepuri

    Visa Fee Payment for Tijuana consulate

    thank you Venkat. Got the information.
  3. krsepuri

    Visa Fee Payment for Tijuana consulate

    Can you please share me the details. I’m planning for Visa stamping at Tijuana.
  4. Hi Rohit, Can we go to Tijuana for H1B Renewal Stamping if your earlier H1B Visa issuing post is Canada while working for the Same Employer. Also I was trying to reserve an appointment and pay the fees. I don't see an option to pay by card. the Website (http://mexico.usvisa-info.com/) is offering only Pay by Cash at ScotiaBank and Banamex. How did you pay your fees. How long is the Mexican Tourist Visa valid for? Should I reserve the US Visa appointment first or the Mexican Tourist Visa?
  5. Hello Manju, Did you get your previous H1/H4 Visa Stamping done in India\Tijuana? Does Tijuana Consulate allow H1B stamping if the earlier Visa issuing post is in Canada?
  6. krsepuri

    221g received@ Jamaica Consulate:15th Sep,2014

    ROFL!!!! This guy is back again with one more Cooked up Story. Some time back he posted that all his friends got rejected and finally his visa was rejected in Vancouver, now one more, he just received email from his friend. Seriously this Dude's got some good story telling skills. Dude.. if all your stories are true, then you and your friends should be Really doing something wrong and that might be the reasons all of your visas got rejected.
  7. Yes you can go to the same consulate. Thanks and I think you should be fine, if the PIMS is already updated, I saw few other people picking up their passports on Wednesday who were interview on Monday. But to just make sure I would suggest you to reserve One-way just in case if you get delayed due to PIMS updates.
  8. Folks, My Wife and me attended for our H-1Bs on Aug 18th and here are our experiences on Visa Stamping. My Background – US Master’s Degree + FTE for Public Listed Company + H-1B Renewal with H-1B Transfer (Previous Stamping at Vancouver in 2012 with different Company) My Wife’s Background - US Master’s Degree + FTE for Public Listed Company + First H-1B (with H-1B Transfer from different Company and F-1 to H-1B COS) My Visa Exp: Window 5, Aug 18th, 10:00 am Slot – interviewed around 12pm. -- Exchanged Wishes VO: What is your Job Title? Me: answered… VO: Do you have an End Client? Me: No, I work at my Employers location. VO: Can you pass me DL, LCA, Paystubs, and any Employer letters? Me: started giving them one by one. VO: while comparing the LCA and Paystubs asked me if the Paychecks are biweekly. Me: yes VO looked into my Employer Letters and returned all my documents…. VO: I see that you have a US Master’s Degree, Which School did you attend and what is your Major? Me: Answered…. VO: where are you heading to now? Me: I asked him does he mean about my work location or my home in US? VO: I mean your work location? Me: answered the city name. VO: …he started taking out the employee rights handbook and visa tracking info form. Me: even before he told me that he approved my Visa, I’ve packed all my stuff and was ready to leave the counter. VO: He laughed and said Wait Wait…, Give me a moment let me approve your Visa and then he said OK, I’ve approved your Visa, Please read the handbook and report any issues. My Wife’s Visa Experience: Window 3, Aug 18th, 10:00 am Slot – interviewed around 12:30 pm. --- Interview went over 10 mins with lot of questions -- Exchanged Wishes VO: Give me your offer letter, H-1 Petition, LCA, Paystubs Me: given… VO: Is this your first H-1B Me: Yes. VO: Where did you do your Masters? Me: Answered VO: How you like the place (Masters University City)? Me: Answered VO: Is that good when compared to the city you live in now? Me: Answered VO: What is your Job Title? Me: Answered VO: What are your responsibilities in your Project? Me: Answered VO: Do you have and End client location? Me: No, I work at my Employer Head-Quarters VO: Can you provide me your Employer Letters? Me: passed the letters. VO: Can you explain me your responsibilities in your project? (Same question repeated again, VO was comparing the responsibilities the Employer mentioned in the Letter to what being answered) Me: Answered again. VO: What is your Job Title and how are your responsibilities apt for your title? Me: explained briefly about the title and who is it related to my responsibilities VO: So did you start working for your employer from June (I-797 Approval Date of H-1B Transfer) Me: No, I’ve started working since April (After the Transfer is filed and received the Notice with SRC number) VO: … was Confused by this, again asked to give the offer letter, looked into the date of joining and its in April then started asking how did you start working in April, if your petition is approved in June? Me: Explained VO that I’ve already have a Valid H-1B petition approved from my previous employer and Valid thru 2016 and my new Employer filed petition in March and only after I’ve received the Notice from USCIS that Transfer petition is filed I’ve started working in April and it is a valid scenario. VO: Ok, please wait for few minutes I’ll be back Me: Ok. VO went inside to verify if the explanation I’ve provided is a valid one or not, looks like the VO hasn’t got any clue on this scenario. Came back after 3-5 minutes VO: Ok, I’m approving your Visa, enjoy your stay in Vancouver and handed over my documents and employee rights handbook. Me: Thank you. Overall experience was smooth, except the part VO was confused with H1 Transfers and start working for new employer right after we receive the receipt. Looks like the Computer glitch is completely fixed now. Passport Delivery Status: Interview at 12:00 pm Aug 18th: around 2:00 pm - Admin Processing Aug 19th: around 12:00pm – Issued Aug 20th: picked up passport from Loomis around 10:30 am I’m flying back to US on 23rd. I’ve been here since Aug 15th and met few people here, a couple of H-1Bs and I never noticed any one with Denied H-1Bs here. I saw some posts earlier today that Visas are rejected in Vancouver with out any reason, that completely a cooked up story and trying to scare people out. My Advice is to carry all the documents and Answer truthfully; you’ll get your visa. It doesn’t matter if its Canada, Jamaica or India. I would like to thank Prattik20 for his post about HomeStay.com I reserved Ramada earlier and the price for one week stay was around $1200 and after I saw his post I tried to book a room for us through Homestay.com as we need not pay until the Host confirms the availability and you can almost reach out to all the hosts. I got a response from few and I picked one and made the reservation online and paid the deposit fee of $40 through PayPal. I was bit worried about the stay thinking how its going to be but to my surprise when we reached the Home of our Host, It turned out to be really good. The stay just costed me around CAD $38 a Night, we got a guest bedroom with Double bed, sleeps 2 adults, Separate bathroom, and can store food in refrigerator, and use microwave. The Wi-Fi is good too with free street parking. Prattik20 post on Homestay.com saved me around $1000. If you have Costco membership, try booking cars from there, they are lot cheaper than other websites. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/79463-h1b-stamping-in-vancouver-some-details-for-who-are-visiting-soon/?hl=roomorama One interesting Tourist visa interview while I was waiting for my turn at Window 5, there was a 14-year-old South American kid in front of us. Parents live in Vancouver. He was all by himself for the interview. When VO asked why do you need tourist Visa, He answered that all his friends from school are going to some Video Game conference and launch party in US, and they didn’t need visa as they were Canadian Citizens, and I’m so pissed off when I came to know that I needed a visa to travel along with them to US to play the video games at Launch day party. The VO laughed so loud and he said ok, don’t worry call your friends and tell them that you are going with them to play the video games. He approved the Visa and said Go play your video games.
  9. Folks, I have a friend in situation, where he has valid H-1 visa stamping valid thru 2017 and his old employer terminated his H1 as part of layoffs while he is on vacation and out of country and he found another employer and they filed his H1 right away and is in initial review stage. Can he come back to US with his present visa stamp and current pending I-1797.
  10. Anyone else received Passports @ Vancouver
  11. krsepuri

    Passport delivery status - Vancouver

    Folks, any updates from the Vancouver Consulate applicants, if any one received their passports after the Computer Glitch??
  12. krsepuri

    Pending H-1B Withdrawal

    Thanks Jairachi, that was my cousin who posted earlier. The concern is that She when she applied for her OPT Extension she received an I-20 with remarks that H-1 application pending, so she was worried that the pending H-1B might cause delays in her OPT extension as Change of status from F1 to H1 is pending. She's all good now, she received an update from USCIS case status that they mailed out Withdrawal notice to employer.
  13. Folks, Few people mentioned that they received their visa stamped passports back in Kingston. Does anyone know the status of Vancouver applicants, if anyone has received their passports back after the Computer glitch.
  14. krsepuri

    Passport validity to enter USA

    It is advised to have a passport with minimum of 6 months validity while arriving. Also there is a chance your I-94 might be issued till your passport validity even if your visa is valid beyond your passport expiry.
  15. krsepuri

    Pending H-1B Withdrawal

    July 17, 2014 Hi! I asked my employer to withdraw my H1B application, because I got an RFE and the chances of approval are almost nil and I still have another chance to file for my H1B (next year). He said that he has sent the withdrawal notice to USCIS. However, there is no proper of evidence that he has sent it as I’m no more with that employer. Is there anyway I could know that? Please advise. Thanks!!