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  1. Checkuat

    Prostitution arrest 2007

    In ealry 2007 my third year in the country as a student. I was arrested while talking to a undercover officer in a sting operation for prostitution in Texas. Got out on bail next morning. Later hired a lawyer who I think made a deal with the DA to reduce my offense to Class C misdemeanor for which I pleaded guilty. Per the order I completed the probation and paid fines. Further after probationary period the order for expunction was granted. After this event I have had 5 H1-B visas granted and three visa stampings done outside USA. Till my last stamping in 2016 the visa officers did not ask for any information on the arrest even though I said yes on the form. Last time I was called for visa interview after after drop box, the officer asked me for all the documents and related to arrest which I handed him he scanned them gave it back to me. Later they put me on administrative processing for 221-G after 35 days my visa was approved and I made it back as usual. Right now I am up for extension and my employers (big organization) immigration lawyers questionnaire is asking me about "If I was arrested" Though I-129 does not have this question in the form, Do I really have to share it with the immigration lawyer about the arrest as they will be filing for my extension. I am worried this will be shared with my employer and my direct bosses. What would be the consequences of me not sharing the information with my employers immigration lawyer. Please share thoughts, do I need to hire a criminal,immigration lawyer Also what is the context of the following sentence, The way I read if someone commits a crime within 10 years of entering the country. is Inadmissilbe Grounds of inadmissibility Any person coming to the United States to engage in prostitution, or any person who has engaged in prostitution within ten years of his or her application for a visa, adjustment of status, or entry into the United States, is inadmissible. This section also applies to those who have made a profit from prostitution
  2. Checkuat

    Second stamping with Prostituti on charge

    T75 Thank you for the prompt response. Also my Expungement says Column 1:- Prostitution Column 2:- disorderly conduct, Hope that will not create delays for the processing.
  3. I was arrested fot Prostitution charge in 2006 when I was on F1 visa. Finger Printed. Spent a night in the jail. Took care of all the stuff. Hired the attorney. got the charge reduced to disorderly conduct. Further did some community service and probation and got the records expunged. I went for H1B stamping in 2008 to Matamoros. Said yes to the arrest on DS-156, Was never questioned about it. Got my visa approved. After that traveled in and out of the country 3-4 times, no issues. Then got my Next H1B extension. Did not travel out of the country with that extension. Further got my I-140 approved and changed the employer. Now on 3rd H1B and need to go to India. Will there be any issue in stamping, what precautions to take and what needs to be taken care of before hand. Will appreciate any suggestions and thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  4. I was arrested for Prostitution charge in Aug 2006. Finger printed. Then did all the necessary stuff. Hired a lawyer Got the charge reduced to disorderly conduct and the futher the case was dismissed and records expunged. But the court order says Column 1:- Charge Prostitution Column 2:Disorderly conduct. All this happened on F1 visa. Then I went for H1b stamping in Matamoros in 2008 and no questions asked got visa approved. Travelled 3-4 times out and in of the country. Never had issues. Got my 2nd H1 futher. Never got a chance to travel outside on the 2nd extension of H1B Then got my I-140 approved after that based on that I-140 have changed the employer. Now I need to visit India. Just want to find out if any one has had similar experience. Would like to hear some suggestions and tips if any. Thanks is advance.