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  1. myanshul

    AC21 Acknowledge letter from USCIS

    I just received my Green card yesterday. I was a similar case with the AC-21; however chose not to invoke it. I'm of the same opinion, there is no legal requirement to inform USCIS of changes in the job and invoke AC-21. Why wake the sleeping Giant and ask for an RFE. I've switched 2 jobs and have accelerated my career. Once my PD was current, I simply got the card in the mail, no questions asked. I highly recommend not to invoke AC-21 and simply wait for an RFE is any, chances are remote. One Caveat, I worked for a Fortune 100 company, if you work for a small company with no name recognition, it might be a different scenario. I found it not to bug USCIS with things that are not required and my Attorney advised me not to send them anything if not required.
  2. Finally just received it....what a relief. Thanks everyone for their support.
  3. I'm in somewhat of a similar boat. My PD is also current since Jan 2013 and I even initiated the escalations back in Nov 2012 in anticipation of issues. I had a issue with Cross-Chargeability where I was utilizing my spouse country of both for country of chargeability. I've done 2 Infopass appointments, several e-mails, escalation e-mails, Service Requests, Ombudsman (CIS) - everything turned out to be worthless. Finally contacted Senator's office and was provided an answer 45 days back that my case would be assigned to a case officer and decisioned within 30-days. 30 days have already passed and upon further discussion noted that TSC need another 30 days to review the file. Please note, they only suggest 30 days to review and not decision. They may come back with an RFE just to buy more time since that satisfies the requirement that they looked at your file. I'm baffled that they're currently reviewing the ROW cases from Dec 2007 and my PD is Dec 2006. I've been very frustrated with TSC quality of service when the PD is current. I'm hoping that this time around they would stand behind their promise of delivering within 30-days. If not, I would be writing again....I'm hoping to open mail one day with my GC in it.
  4. My priority Date is Dec 22, 2006 in World wide category for EB-3. I'm hoping that it would be current in the January 2013 Visa Bulletin. I have had Medicam Examination and the Finger Priting more than 3-4 years ago. Following are my questions and concerns: 1. As soon as the PD becomes current (World Wide Category) next month in January 2013. What steps do I need to take? 2. Should one sit tight and await for the response from the USCIS? 3. I was advised that they have to disposition the cases within 30 days of PD becoming current, either send a NOID/RFE or Approve the GC. Therefore, they would contact me by Jan 31, 2013. 4. Would making an INfoPass Appointment any nefecial or will put my case on a fast track? I'm in TSC region. 5. Can one ask for Fingerprinting and Update the Medical records since those have been obsolete anyways (I'm assuming they don't last for that long). Thanks a lot folks.
  5. myanshul

    Next Steps after PD is Current

    Thanks again for the clarification Belle. I did actually receive a phone call from USCIS and it appears that she was very knowledgeable. She was going to escalate to TSC and asked me to expect a response within 2 weeks. If not, she suggested that I call them back.
  6. myanshul

    Next Steps after PD is Current

    Thanks JoeF and Belle for your responses, really appreciate it. So bottom-line is that they may or may not act assuming that the PD remains current. Therefore I'm assuming that by Service Request you meant to schedule a InfoPass...Rt? Also, calling their Toll-Free # is a total waste of time, they just read the transcript. I also contacted the Ombudsman Office and that proved to be helpful where they attested contacted me back with the status (I had an issue with Cross-Chargeability) and needed to ensure that they were applying that to my case. In your suggestions, if I don't hear anything from them by End of January, I should raise it to the either USCIS via InfoPass and I would also contact the Ombudsman Office. in the meantime, they may ask for FBI Name Check, Fingerprinting and other RFE type issues...who knows. Thanks again