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    Convert from CP to AOS for parents

    I'm a US citizen and applied GC for my parents through CP in 2018 when they were in India. I130 and proof of support documents have both been approved and they're waiting for the interview for last 15months. There's no sign of that happening. My parents are really old and can't afford to wait. They do have a 10year multiple entry visitor visa that expires in 2025. Can they enter US with that while they await the interview? Assuming they do, what's the procedure to convert from CP to AOS?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Actually it did not happen under my watch. She was already out of status when I met her.
  3. Spouse is out of status by overstaying her student visa. Out of status by about 1 year. I'm on H1 with 485 waiting to get green card. Date not current yet. Will my application become risky because of adding her? What are the chances that she will get GC? Are there additional hoops to jump like interview etc.? OR is it impossible to get? Thanks in advance.