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  1. Hey Guys, Quick question, I am planning to upgrade my already pending H1B extension to premium processing. Besides I-907 and the payment check, is there anything else needed (cover letter or something like that)? And the most important question: 🙂 Can I (the applicant) pay the premium processing fee by writing my own personal check? Thanks Folks.
  2. @nik125 thanks for your reply! My I-94 is expired and H1B extension is pending. I am within the 240 days window. I know that within this 240 days I am allowed to stay and continue to work with the current employer. Do you really mean I am not in status even if I am allowed to work? Can anyone please let me know if it is allowed to change to different status in this scenario (lets say H1 to E2)? That is i-94 expired, H1 extension pending and I am within 240 days of the h1 extension filing date? Thanks!
  3. The reason I asked is that, Can I file for a change of status (H1 to E2) while my current H1B extension is pending? I hear that for a change of status, you need to be in US and in a valid immigration status.
  4. Hey Guys, What really is my status while my H1B extension is pending? I know I can continue to work with my current employer while an H1B extension is pending approval. Can I say that I am in valid H1B status in this period or am I in some kind of limbo? Thanks in Advance!
  5. rajib01

    Can I work and stay without full time H1B?

    Part time or full time, your wage that is set in the LCA must be paid by the employer.
  6. Thank you Folks! I better plan to leave US before Sep 30.
  7. rajib01

    H1B 6Yrs Cycle will Restart ?

    You can recapture any time you spend outside of the US when you file for your future extensions. Thing to note: on any given petition you can request maximum of 3 years approval.
  8. Hey Guys, My company have filed for 9 months H1B extension in January 5, 2020. This will complete my full 6 yr tenure. The requested extension is for until September 30, 2020. We have got an RFE 3 months back and responded to it on July 16, 2020. Now the status says, "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received". Question is, what happens if USCIS takes longer than September 30, 2020 to make a decision. Will I be able to stay and work after that time? If I do continue to stay and work after Sep 30, and then lets say USCIS makes an approval decision in November this year with "approved until" date = Sep 30 (back date), shall I accrue unlawful presence for the period after September 30? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in Advance
  9. Hey guys, I am exhausting my total 6 year H1B visa in Aug 2020. I know that I have to stay outside of US for one year before I can apply for another 6 year term. I will leave US in August 2020. Can my employer apply in cap subject petitions in April 2021? If that is accepted in lottery and approved then I can start working in Oct 2021 at the earliest. So technically I will be outside US for more than a year. Is that how it is calculated? Or Do I have to wait until 2022 April?
  10. Hey there, how did your employer initiated Canadian visa? Does your employer have office in Canada? Is it a temporary work permit? Do you need to apply for stamping in Canadian embassy? I am also in the same boat and thinking to move to Canada. Your reply will help a lot.
  11. Hi guys, I am in full time permanent employment - (direct hire - not contractual) My current H1B approval ends in few days. My my employer is about to file for extension for another 9 months (which will max out my 6 year of H1b). My question is, should we submit a new offer letter mentioning a new start date as one of the supporting documents? Or the initial offer letter which I got 3 years back is good enough. Thanks in Advance!
  12. Hello everyone, I first landed on H1B status in July 2014. When I switched to my current employer 3 years back (Jan 2017), H1B was approved for 3 years. It will end in Jan 2020. As far as I know, an employer can request for approval for maximum 3 years on a given LCA/I-129. Now, after my current approval ends in Jan 2020, I still have around 6 months more to complete the 6 year period in H1B. My question is, can my employer file for 6 months extension, plus any time I was outside the US? Thanks in Advance!