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  1. mkasam

    visiting twice in less than 6 months

    HI pontevecchio thanks for the response. could you please let me know what do you mean by childcare.
  2. Hi, I have a quick question can visitors visit twice in less than 6 months. This in regard to my family members they will be coming here to visit an important family gathering in a month they will be staying here for 2 months and return to India..then they will be coming after 3 months. Do you guys think its going to be an issue at port of entry while visiting second time. They will be coming here for 2 nd visit for their daughter's delivery.. Appreciate response. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I'm elgible for dropbox at hyderabad. UStraveldocs.com metions supporting documentation for H1 B visa but it doesn't mention clearly what documents are requried. Could anyone please help in letting me know what documents are required for H1 B visa.
  4. mkasam

    dropbox question

    Hi, I'm eliglibe for drop box but I just don't know where to start and based on the website.. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp Please login, create your profile, proceed with your application, and print 2 copies of the submission letter I created a profile, but I coudn't find any submission letter, will be getting this option once I fill ds-160 and make fee payment. Please let me know..
  5. mkasam

    h1b interview visa waiver

    Hi Folks thanks for the respone, but let me ask a dummy question what is the difference between IWP and IWP Drop box because the requirements are the same.. if I qulalify for both the programs which one should I opt.. please let me know...
  6. mkasam

    h1b interview visa waiver

    hi folks, Could you please let me know if I'm eligible for visa interview waiver program. i'm going to India in the next copule of months and I need to get H1B visa extension stamping. for my previous extension I already got stamped in India and I did not change my employer but I changed my client. My previous h1 b was valid till Sep 2012 and now I'm on H1 b extension i'm planning to drop my papers in aug. could you please let me know if I'm eligible for dropping papers instead of attending interview. Your suggestion is highy appreciated.