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  1. 1) it takes about 2-4 days to get your passport 2)if you get a 221g, you can always ask for your passport, go to India and return to Canada when your visa has been approved.
  2. And then return to the US.
  3. Yes, you can go to India from Canada.
  4. mirage09

    H1-B Stamping Doubt regarding Pay

    As long as your pay is higher than the lca, you should be good.
  5. mirage09


    Why bother with lie? It's not a crime to get a visa stamp.
  6. mirage09

    H1-B Visa Stamping in Germany

    One can never tell what the chances of a 221g are. All you can do is ensure your docs are in order... If your line of work involves a TAL field, then you might expect some additional processing time.
  7. mirage09

    Canada visitor visa processing time by mail

    Yes, you can apply at any Canadian consulate. Not sure about the current processing times in Seattle.
  8. mirage09

    Bank Statement

    You need to be paid at all times, while on an H1B. If your employer has not been paying you, thats a red flag for the VO. Posted 19 November 2012 - 10:44 PM My employer did not make any deposits for the past 2 months and he made payments for the current month. Although he is not making deposits he is generating paystubs and paying taxes on time. Will the VO ask for bank statements and how should I support myself if the VO asks for bank statements and asks me about the missing deposits. My employer is suggesting me to say that I got payment through cash. Will this answer work?
  9. mirage09

    DS 160 forms - Please help

    c). What to fill in the field "location planned to visit in US"? Employer location - I will be working at client location. So,do I need to put the location mentioned on LCA in this case? I "think" it would be the client location but I am not sure. Please wait for others to respond.
  10. mirage09

    Suggestions Needed For Fist Time H1 Stamping In Canada

    @Mirage 09 Thanks for your response.. My second question if I have not explained it well before is... what can be the earliest I can go to Canada to get my H1 stamping When my new H1 that i want to get stamped on starts on October 1st 2012. I mean is there any rule saying we can go to stamping not earlier than some number of weeks before the H1 start date which in my case is Oct1st 2012. I dont think there is a hard and fast rule. A close friend of mine went a month before his new petition was supposed to start and all was well; this was in 2011 at the Vancouver consulate. You should send an email to the consulate to confirm this fact.
  11. mirage09

    H1B TO H4

    The visa officer will (usually) cancel all previous visas with a "cancelled without prejudice" stamp; this will make the H4 visa
  12. mirage09

    Planning on going for H1B stamp in Canada.

    "Will not being back in India for around 8 years, be a big issue? " I doubt this will be a consideration. As long as you have legally held all jobs and all your paperwork is in order, your stamping should go smoothly. That said, I have seen multiple posts where EVC and EC models are under extra scrutiny. "would it be better if I go next year somewhere around April with only 6 months left on my H1B?" I am not sure why you think your chances of gettung your visa stamped successfully will go up next year.
  13. mirage09

    DS 160 forms - Please help

    1. Have you made specific travel plans? Should I answer yes or no? Yes. a) If yes, should I enter the date that I last entered US as my date of arrival in US? (I am currently in US on F1 opt cap-gap) Yes. b) What should I put in the departure date field as I am still here? Date when H1B petition ends c). What to fill in the field "location planned to visit in US"? Employer location d) Person/entity paying for your trip? If employer is paying for this visit, then "employer" else "self" 2. Previous US travel section: Since I am still in US, what should I put in the field "length of stay"? duration of H1b petiion 3. Work and Education - Do we need to list any previous part time technical jobs held while on F1 at university? employement for the last 5 yrs should suffice. That sais, there is no harm in including all details even those held during F1 Thank you in advance and any help is appreciated.
  14. mirage09

    Suggestions Needed For Fist Time H1 Stamping In Canada

    1) Yes 2) Not sure what you mean. 3) NO
  15. mirage09

    H1 B Stamping & process for Green Card started

    H1B visa is dual intent. One can apply for GC whilst working on an H1B visa.
  16. mirage09

    Stamping in Canada...Urgent Please Help

    Yes, you can always ask for the passport. Hopefully you already have a mutilple entry canadian visa...
  17. mirage09

    Loomis vs. pickup at consulate?

    Yes, Loomis now handles the passport delivery. Which sucks - no offense to loomis but it just adds an extra step to the whole process.
  18. Thats a terrible situation - sorry to hear. Not much you can do other than sending periodic emails. Ask your attorney to do the same. Not sure if it will help but it cannot hurt. Barring the long delays, the least they can do is update your case online! Others in the forum have discussed the possibility of having a senator send a request to the consulate. If you do think its a name check, then it makes sense to wait it out. If you think it has something to do with the employer, do consider changing employement. There is also the option to apply for H4 (assuming your wife is on an H1B).
  19. Yep, some consulates have a photo booth.
  20. mirage09

    Single entry visa to multiple entry visa

    Most likely, it is not possible. Email the canadian consulate (the one that you used to obtain the canadian visa) and confirm. Your best bet is to return to the home country, apply for a new canadian visa and ask for expedited processing.
  21. mirage09

    Husband and wife H1B visa stamping together

    You will need two appointments - one for each H1B application. Try to get it on the same day/time and ask the officer to be interviewed together.
  22. You should be able to request your passport. Email them or call them. You can even go in the person and explain your situation to the security personnel outside the consulate. Don't worry though; if your visa was approved, you should expect to receive the passport fairly soon.
  23. mirage09

    DS-160 question - who will pay for the trip.

    hey, the employer is not liable to pay for the visa stamping expenses. They can pay but are not liable.
  24. mirage09

    H1-B Visa Stamping -2nd time

    If your friend has gone through the visa mantis check once, chances are that she will have to go through that again. She probably works in a field that is deemed sensitive by the US gov and since her line of work hasnt changed, she may have to go through additional checks again. I hope that is not the case as two months is a long time but please consider all facts before making travel plans.
  25. http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/los_angeles/visas/index.aspx?lang=eng&view=d Review the website above for details. When we applied for a visa in Sept 2011, they gave us the visa the next day.