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  1. sunvinmon

    B1/B2 vs B2 only

    Hello, Any experience to share? My parents had b1/b2 visa earlier and this time I’m applying B2 only as visit is purely for pleasure. In this case, what should my answer be to this question. ‘Are you applying for same class of visa as before?’ this defines if they are getting a dropbox option or a in person interview. Thanks!
  2. Filing for 130 wouldn't allow you to maintain any status. You will need to wait for your dates to get current (at least the date for filing chart for EAD) and then take it from there .... if you are on F1 I believe you are eligible for OPT Or work visa. You need to maintain your own status until your 485 is applied n you get your EAD. Good luck.
  3. Option 2 could be inconvenient for a month but benefits are great with EAD plus a peace of mind! Good luck and congrats
  4. Hello, As part of F2A green card process my spouse (who is a petitioner) needs to submit Affidavit of support application form. She realized that she doesn't have the federal returns filing document for couple of years. May I know if there any alternative to this or any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much! Thanks, V
  5. Hello, Per dates of filing chart my PD is current so i am applying for AOS and EAD/AP concurrently (F2A category, PD 10Sep2015). I am under the impression that the application is not complicated so i am applying on my own following every instruction written for the below forms. My I-130 is approved. Can someone please confirm if the below list of forms suffice GC process? 1. I-485 [Adjustment of Status] 2. I-765 [EAD] 3. I-131 [Advance Parole] 4. I-864 [Affidavit of Support to be filled by spouse who is the petitioner] 5. G-325A [Biographic Information] If anyone is in the same boat let's connect with each other to exchange information. Message me! Warm Regards, V
  6. sunvinmon

    Question on I-485, EAD and AP

    Cheers All, I live in US and currently on H1B. My Green card petition is under F2A filed by my spouse and PD is Sep2015. My date is current as per chart B (i.e Date for filing) for Oct2016. I am eligible to apply AOS now that will fetch me EAD and AP (adv parole) but I have travel plans in 3 weeks so i might not apply for AOS in Oct since i won't be in USA but maybe able to do so in Dec2016 after I am back. I can travel and come back on H1B so i don't have any worries. I plan to apply for AOS after i come back December. 1. Will i still be eligible to apply AOS in December since dates were current in Chart B (DF) and USCIS indicated to follow that chart in Oct? I hope the chart doesn't mean that we should apply in the same month (OCT) it was asked for. Could you please provide insights on this? 2. On the other hand I am under the impression that i can't parallely initiate my 485, EAD, AP and then travel on H1B in few weeks. Can i? if yes, the parallel processing will save about 2 months of time. Instead of waiting to apply in December I can do it NOW & have EAD, AP by Dec/Jan. 3. If i am on EAD do i still need to maintain H1B when it expires? (expiring in Aug2017)? I am under the impression that EAD is enough to work for my employer and have him not apply for an H1B extension again. Please let me know. Thanks, Vinny!
  7. sunvinmon

    Query about H1-B workers Interview Waiver Program

    Hi, I don't have insight on the details on the process like many of you still BUT according to the last clause you are NOT eligible for a dropbox service as the visa expiry surpassed 1 yr. I fall under the same category. You would have been eligible until Sep2012.
  8. sunvinmon

    Do i need to go for stamping again

    Not required. Carry the new i-797 + passport with Us visa stamping should suffice... <period>
  9. Hey man; here are the answers!1. NOPE 2. Absolutely safe to travel and also can return without stamping until SEP2013 3. NOT REQUIRED unless you are entering the country in or after oct2013 4. Re-evaluate the location depending on the visa approval patterns around this time next year. In short, yu don't need to get it stamped at all unless you are entering US back in or after Oct2013. If you are not leaving the country then you don't need to get the stamping done even if has expired.
  10. sunvinmon

    Request for Hyderabad Open Slot

    Yes I am in the same situation too. I wanna make sure to find a visa slot in Dec. Let's collaborate with each other about the dates. As of 736pm EST we have 29Oct[multiple] and 01Nov
  11. sunvinmon

    Visa Stamping fee payment

    Hi Lucky4u, When you are having your parents to pay in Axis or CITI then you would need to click on those Axis or CITI options that will generate the CGI reference number BUT NOT on bank of america option anymore which is required only when you wanna make an online payment from ICICI bank or IDBI or HDFC etc whatever your parents have. When you click on Axis or CITI a page will be generated with CGI ref # and that copy has to be carried by your parent to Axis or Citi bank along with 10450Rs. Your payment will be tied up to the reference number and once a payment is made you will receive an email that the MVS code has been activated in few hours (takes up to 48hrs as per website). Once it's activated you can log into your profile and click on Schedule appointment and follow the instructions.... Hope this clarifies!
  12. sunvinmon

    EC model and no client letter

    Thanks Rahul. Unfortunately client is not ready to furnish anything at this point.
  13. sunvinmon

    Anyone considering to go to HYD ?

    Hello, do you have a client letter? I don't have a appointment yet still trying to fetch one in Hyd or Chennai for Dec2012.
  14. sunvinmon

    Help needed: Dates available in HYD in Dec2012?

    between Div may i know if you are a FTE or EC/EVC model and I believe you are planning to take interview in HYD?
  15. sunvinmon

    Help needed: Dates available in HYD in Dec2012?

    Well, I wish your first statement was true and yeah thats how it used to be before. They never used to open the appointments until 20days prior to the dates. To my surprise Chennai slots are inundated too. I am just hoping that someone would cancel there appointments soon in Dec2012.