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  1. What was the RFE about? If your employer files again and if it gets approved (depending on the date on the I797) you may need to go for stamping. Otherwise your stay will be considered out of status. Once out of status, cap or cap exempt does not matter.
  2. kalyan_ac

    H1B Stamping In India ,Is it Safe now ??

    I would suggest not to travel at this time unless it is absolutely necessary. Canada or India does not matter. Stopping at the port of entry is not something new, DHS/Immigration can stop at any time except that it is more prevalent because of the ban imposed.
  3. kalyan_ac

    H1B Queries

    You have about 3 yrs left and you can file for extension as long as you have a job offer.
  4. Company B has to file for a H1 and based on the timing of the approval with Company A, you may or may not be cap exempt.
  5. kalyan_ac

    Regular H1 B Application or Lottery system

    It will be under the cap and if they receive more applications that the cap,it will be lottery picked which is also a regular H1.
  6. She will have the same PD as yours but the acknowledgement that you get after filing 485 for her has the date the 485 was received by USCIS and thats for documentation purposes only.
  7. kalyan_ac

    Service request for Interim EAD-L2

    You will probably get the same response to submit your husbands approved extension.
  8. The fact that the 797 does not include I94 tells me that even though the petition was approved you were out of status for a period of time and that is the reason a consulate has been chosen for you to get a new visa stamped in your passport. if you think you were out of status, please consult your attorney to figure out how that can be fixed.
  9. Its better to withdraw the B2 extension petition.
  10. kalyan_ac

    H1B approved, no I94 yet. Can I still work?

    Your change of status was not approved. You will have to either apply for a change of status or go out and come back into the states to receive a new I94,untill then you cannot work.
  11. Not necessarily, i received mine without and finger prints and before i went for the biometrics.
  12. kalyan_ac

    Address for Shipping EAD Card

    You can probably take a P.O Box from USPS and give that address.Pick up the card from USPS once you receive it.
  13. You have the whole month of October to send the documents.
  14. kalyan_ac

    AP filing

    You dont have to have an attorney to file for I131(AP). The documents to be sent are pretty straightforward as listed in the application. In addition you will need a cover letter giving details about your case and requesting them to approve. The Petition had to be sent to the service center based on where you live,which are listed in the application based on the states.
  15. kalyan_ac

    Chane of Address question - HELP

    It is a good idea to update the address on the pending petitions(485).