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  1. Turaga1973

    Approved 140

    Hi All, I have a 140 approved from my employer and the priority data is 2012. However, I filed a perm in 2007 from a different employer and it went to audit . We have responded to audit and I went back to India for good . I came back to USA on new H1 in 2012. Here are my questions -- How can I check if 2007 audit was cleared and check the perm status. -- If 2007 perm is approve then I use the date and convert by 140 dates to 2007 ? -- I have the receipt number from 2007 . please advise
  2. Turaga1973

    Perm 2008

    Hi All, I have applied for perm in 2008 but it got into audit , we responded to it and after that I went back to India . I am not sure if the perm was approved . Can someone help with the following questions 1) How can I find the status of that labor application. As the employer who filed my labor sold consulting from and left the country. 2) I am working for a new employer and back to us . I am planning to start GC process from new employer. If my old perm is approved , can I port 2008 priority date. please help! Regards,
  3. Turaga1973

    H4 to H1 change of status

    My wife travelled to US in 2006 on H4 and later she applied for H1 in 2009 , got the approval but she never worked on H1B. She went back to India in 2010 due to personal reasons and she is back to USA last year 2013 on H4. I check with her employer who filed her H1b and he confirmed that her H1b is not revoked but it got expired in 2012. My questions to the forum are Can she apply for change of status from H4 to H1 As this year H1b is complete, is she eligible for cap exemption? Will there be any issues as she did work last time on H1b. Please advise