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  1. vohram

    A Silly but Tricky Issue

    Thank you both for the response. At this point I will request lawyer to request DOL for a duplicate copy
  2. vohram

    A Silly but Tricky Issue

    My PERM was applied in March 2014 and it was flagged for Audit. The Audit was cleared in July 2015. To continue on to I-140 application my lawyer sent over to me one page of 9089 via postal service which I promptly signed and sent back via USPS. Unfortunately, USPS has lost my document. While I have started the formal USPS enquiry I doubt they would ever be able to find it. - What can I do in such situation? The lawyer said it was 'original' ETA 9089 and hence we should just wait to hear back from USPS. - How can it be 'Original' copy? The document that I received just looked like printed version of soft copy. - I had scanned the document just before sending via USPS, would that be helpful? Its very important that my I-140 application be sent soon hence I'm very nervous about this. Any help appreciated.
  3. vohram


    My PERM was applied in first week of March, I have not heard back any thing yet. I know of at least one person whose PERM was applied in last week of Feb and he got the approval last week. Please provide an update if you have any.
  4. Thanks. Pls do post if you hear anything.
  5. Hi, My perm application was submitted on 2nd March 2014 but the lawyers have not heard anything back from USCIS yet. On the iCERT portal, the current priority date for Analyst review under PERM processing time is March 2014. - Given that my priority date for perm processing is current, when should i be expecting to hear back? - I was told that perm processing time have come down recently, from 9 months to 6 months, is that correct? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi, I work for an Investment bank. They initiated my GC processing last july (july 2012). As part of the application packet, i also signed a bond that if i were to leave the company before GC is approved i will be liable to pay entire expense. However, things have changed in past 6 months such that i need to be with my parents back in india. If i want to leave the company and country for good, what are my options (short of paying gc expense)? Would it in any way hamper my chances of finding a job in investment banks in india? thanks
  7. vohram

    Unable to choose Date - Weird problem

    guys, were you able to book the date. I am still facing the same problem.
  8. vohram

    H4 - F1 conflict

    Thanks a lot for the insight. One more question (hopefully last), let's assume her F1 is rejected and she comes back to US on H4. If we file for COS to F1 while she is studying, would this transfer request to F1 be affected by the fact that her F1 has already been rejected once. Thanks in advance
  9. vohram

    H4 - F1 conflict

    Anybody, any idea?
  10. vohram

    H4 - F1 conflict

    Dear Friends, My wife will be travelling to India in December for her H4 stamping. She plans to join a reputed school to pursue further studies once back in Jan. To that end while she is in india, we were planning to book Visa appointment for F1 a week or two week after her H4 is stamped. - Does this idea of F1 visa appointment just a week or so after H4 stamping sound good? - If not, do you think its better to apply for an I539 COS after she is back in US on H4. Much appreciate your answers, Thanks, VM
  11. vohram

    H1 B transfer: When to resign?

    Hi, Further to question posted by visaquery1122, is it true to that chances of any issue spring up (e.g. RFE) while transfering H1 are very rare if you are directly employed by a well known well established firm as opposed to working as a consultant.