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  1. sunshineeast

    Spose got admitted as L2 instead of H4 Visa

    Thanks, New employer's attorney responded that if Infopass doesn't change the status then they will file I539. Worst case they said she need to travel out of country and get in again.
  2. Hi Team, Need a help from you. I'm was on L1 and my H1 got approved with COS six months before. I'm running now on h1 payroll. I haven't travelled outside the country after this COS. My I797 petition showing I94 as H1. My wife went out of USA as L2 (while I was on L1) and she got her new stamping as H4 and came back to US. Visa Consulate officer haven't cancelled her L1 and it got valid till Mar 2014 same like my L1. At the port of entry the officer admitted and stamped her passport as L2 instead of H4 and we didn't noticed it. Now I'm planning to change my H1 employer and realised her passport and I94 online showing as L2 instead of H4. Even my I94 showing as L2 instead of H1 when I generate it online. We went back to CBP office in the airport she landed (2 months later) and they first argued as I don't have H1 Visa stamping on my passport so they allowed her as L2. I replied that I haven't gone of country and I did my change of status and got my I94 pointing to the H1 employer(i797). Now they asked her to get this corrected with USCIS using infopass. Next appointment is on Jan 2nd and she is yet to go. My question is, Is this a mistake happend at port of entry or it suppose to allow her only on L2. (I'm wondering why would she need a H4 stamping then) My L1 should get cancelled as soon as my H1 get approved. How then the officer allowed her as L2 without checking the L1 status. I beleive the officer when scrolling her passport and saw her L2 visa page first and just allowed her as L2. They didn't asked her any questions. Is she still considered to be L2 status though she got H4 visa on her passport? I have initiated transfer of my h1 to another employer and they will be applying H4 for her as well. Is this process going get affected because of this confusion ? ( I told this L2 issue with them but they haven't replied back) I'm really confused now. Can someone help on this ? Thanks,
  3. sunshineeast

    Transferring H1 before the job begins

    H1 Got approved so it is now depends on your Wife's current Status in the US. If She is already into H1 Status, Then whether her H1 employer running pay stubs from the date of her H1 approval ? H1 transfer is nothing but apply a new H1 by another employer using the existing cap count. No worries that she is excempt from Cap. But she would atleast need 2-3 recent paystubs from current H1 holder inorder to make transfer smoothly. If she is not still into H1 Status and she is still in H4 or L status, She is in clean status . Whenever if she find a new Job, she can go directly into H1 with this new employer. Her new employer must apply for new H1 + COS together. She is excempted from Cap. (If L, then she might probably need last 3 L payslip) Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, My L1 status changed to H1 on 17-May. I gave immediate notice within 1hr to my currect L1 employer and I'm sure they will stop my pay on the same day as per their onsite policy. Now they have asked to support offshore for about a week for transition without reporting to client place. My new H1 employer earlier agreed for Joining date as 29-May after the long weekend. So my current visa status is now H1 and I'll have to give transition for a week to L1 employer from home and will start my H1 job on 29-May. I'll not have pay stub between 18-May to 28-May (11 calendar days). Will this be a problem later when going for Labour ? Thanks for your help
  5. Hello, LUFTHANSA & UNITED Airlines CHENNAI ---> FRANKFURT --> NEWARK --> CLEVELAND DATE :30-MAY Need a help to accompany my father. Please let me know if anybody is traveling on this Itinerary. Thanks,
  6. Hi, My father is travelling on 30-MAY from Chennai(Lufthansa) --> Frankfurt (United) ----> Newark(united) ---> Cleveland(United) . Please let me know if someone is travelling on the same flight. Thanks in Advance.
  7. sunshineeast

    Change of STATE after 140 approval

    Company have asked to relocate from NY to MA permenantly. But company will still be operating in both the location (NY & MA) and they might fill this gap later with someone else in NY once I get relocated to MA.
  8. sunshineeast

    Change of STATE after 140 approval

    Hi, Currtenly working at Newyork and the 140 got approved under EB2. Employer asking to relocate Massachusetts from Newyork City. Designation/Role/Salary/Employer is going to be same except the State change. Should we need to restart the GC process from the scratch or just LCA change notification would do ? Any good info on this should help. Thanks in advance.
  9. sunshineeast

    H1B Transfer

    I'm sailing on same boat. But I'm in L1 from A, H1 is from B (not activated yet) and still on L1 status. No payslips from H1 but got paystubs with L1. Now I got a full time with C and they have agreed to transfer H1+COS and it is in progress.
  10. sunshineeast

    H1B validity calculation

    Hi, Need a help on this H1B valid period calculation My First L1B, 3 trips, total stay 19 months, then expired. My Second Fresh L1B, 4 trips, total stay is 19 months and valid till April 2014. Still on L1 status now in US and also got an approved (unused) H1B in hand valid till Sep-2015. Question: 1) If I jump to this H1B job now, how much is going to be my actual H1B period. ? 2) Am I eligible for H1B extension after sep-2015? 3) When I'm eligible to start GC Process if change my status to H1b? Thanks in advance
  11. Hello Gurus, A is on L1B active payroll now and valid till Jun 2014. He got a new H1B (applied on 2012) through a consultant X got finally approved a week back after multiple RFE's. Now A is not happy with Consultant X. H1 valid till sep 2015. H1B's COS was denied stating that he went to out of USA on December and came back which is true. A is still now on L1 job and his status is L1. A havn't used his H1 and run any H1 payroll with Cons X. A got a full time offer from a Employer Y & heneed to join in 3 weeks of notice of his L1 Job. Emp Y will take care of this transfer. Questions: 1. Is A elligible to do H1 transfer his new H1 with COS and can start work with Y in this situation? 2. Can A switch without notice to X but proper notice to his L1 employer ? Your help on this is much appreciated!!
  12. sunshineeast

    ON L1B but H1B got approved -Urgent

    Thanks all. I decided to quit as soon as I see the I797 copy from my employer.
  13. sunshineeast

    ON L1B but H1B got approved -Urgent

    Thanks. But just today I had come to know that it got aoproved. Old project which I was offered is no more with me due to delay in h1 approval. Should I stop my L1b employment now ? Any other workaround ?
  14. sunshineeast

    ON L1B but H1B got approved -Urgent

    Thanks. But just today I had come to know that it got aoproved. Old project which I was offered is no more with me due to delay in h1 approval. Should I stop my L1b employment now ? Any other workaround ?
  15. sunshineeast

    ON L1B but H1B got approved -Urgent

    Hi, I'm now on a valid L1B with Company A. I have filed a H1B last year through Company B and got a RFE on october. Then my attorny have responded the RFE on december and now the H1B got approved today. I'm sure my attorney responded RFE with COS as he was asking my L1 I94 details. Till today my payroll run by Company A (L1). Should I quit the L1B company today or I can wait for some more time until I get the H1 papers in hand ? What is the time limit that I have. I do not have a H1B Job at present but attended few interviews and waiting for results. There is no relation between A and B companies. Please advice the best that I can do here.