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  1. Hi all, As you all might know in texas the processing times are very long nowa days, I have filed for citizenship for me and my wife in feb of 2017 (my GC is based on employment), in July of 2018 We both got interview on the same day with different officers, my case was approved, and i became a citizen in 3 days after that, however for my wife, the office said, she was waiting for some additional file to be retrieved from storage and once the file is with her she will make a decision. its now May of 2019 almost 10 months out and closer to two and half years since we applied for citizenship, and i am not sure what are my next steps. I tried multiple online references and no response yet. I have tried to get an info pass, they are never available in texas. I was told I could use writ of mandamus an its a very expensive process. is that my only option ? Please help
  2. Hi experts Plz help, I got my card and welcome letter to my correct address , my wife got her approval notice via an email, but its been almost 2 weeks since my card arrived but my wife's did not arrive yet. During the course of my GC process i did move , and I remember I have updated my address and my wifes address also online when i moved. My question is in case if the address on file for my wife is wrong and My GC is already approved, what is the process ? do i still have to file AR-11 ?
  3. Not sure how far its true, but I have header its strongly advised not to mail your original card, try to get it in person, and usually if you are outside US when your GC is approved, i think you are safe to enter US as long as you have a valid AP.