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  1. Hello All, I received a combo EAD card from USCIS with Advanced Parole (AP). So does AP gets same validity as that is given to the EAD (OR AP is always for 1 year, regardless of EAD validity)? Appreciate response. Thanks
  2. Hello Sujikumar - can you please share your experience on return using AP?
  3. jobas2007

    Travel on AP (Advance Parole)

    can someone please reply?
  4. jobas2007

    Travel on AP (Advance Parole)

    Someone please reply as this is urgent ?
  5. Hello All, As my I-485 is still pending, recently got EAD renewed with AP (as combined document). Was avoiding overseas travel, but due to urgency may have to do so in near future. If that's the case, have heard/read variety of experiences at port of entry while using AP. If someone has reentered recently on AP, please share your experience and what documents one should carry. Appreciate any advice? Thanks
  6. jobas2007

    EAD Renewal Application Pending

    I applied for EAD renewal in Sep 2017 and it is still pending processing. Now, with possible government shutdown, does anyone know if it does happen, EAD Renewal application processing will be on hold?
  7. jobas2007

    Received Initial interview

    @dramakr - Does AC21 needs to file immediately after change of employer on EAD?
  8. If one plans to join a new employment on EAD, does the "new" employer as well as employee needs to immediately notify USICS about the intent/change with mentioning job description, duties etc (under AC21 portability) or should wait until I-485 adjudication?
  9. jobas2007

    Joining new employment on EAD

    If one plans to star a new employment on EAD, does both the new 'Employer" and myself needs to upfront (and as soon as possible) notify USCIS (AC21) about the taking the employment with a different employer, to avoid any issues in future during I-485 adjudication?
  10. jobas2007

    Clarification on when to file for EAD renewal

    Also does EAD renewal requires biometrics (to be done again)?
  11. jobas2007

    Clarification on when to file for EAD renewal

    ------------ EAD Adjudication and Automatic Extension for up to 180 Days In the final rule, the DHS eliminates the requirement that the USCIS adjudicate I-765 EAD applications within 90 days. The DHS maintains that the agency still intends to adjudicate applications within the 90-day timeframe, but the USCIS will no longer be required to do so by regulation. In order to help prevent gaps in employment authorization, the DHS will allow most EAD applicants to apply for extensions up to 180 days prior to the EAD expiration date. In addition, EAD applicants in certain categories, such as asylees and those in temporary protected status (TPS), will be granted “automatic extension of expiring EADs … for up to 180 days with respect to individuals who are seeking renewal of their EADs … based on the same employment authorization categories under which they were granted.” Unfortunately, this provision does not extend to all classes of foreign nationals who are eligible for EADs, including L-2 spouses and qualifying H-4 spouses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The new information in the link is mentioning above but it is unclear on the category that can be eligible for applying for extension 180 days before expiry. My simple question is that is the 180 rule applicable for EAD extension when i-485 is pending? Has anyone recently filed for the same?
  12. jobas2007

    urgent - loss of h1b status , it invalidates h4 EAD

    Appreciate quick response.
  13. My EAD is due for renewal in few months. USCIS is stating the time of renewal is 180 days before expiration , but Murthy law firm is mentioning 120 days. Which one is correct? If anyone has recently applied for EAD / AP renewal, can they please share how many days it's taking to get it renewed? ------------ As per USCIS web site: https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/employment-authorization-document Renewal EAD If you are still eligible for employment authorization but your EAD will be expiring or has expired, you should file for a renewal EAD by submitting a new Form I-765 and filing fee (if required), unless a fee waiver is requested and approved. Generally, you should not file for a renewal EAD more than 180 days before your original EAD expires. --------------------------------------------- But as per Murthy : Timing for Renewal – 120 Days Before Expiration Applicants for EAD and AP extensions can request to renew the EAD and/or AP up to 120 days prior to the expiration dates of the EAD and/or AP. Adjudications in these cases can take up to 90 days, and delays are possible. While, as of this writing, EADs and APs are generally processed in fewer than 90 days, it is best not to delay renewal filings. It is important to be mindful of the renewal timing and to track this date carefully.
  14. jobas2007

    urgent - loss of h1b status , it invalidates h4 EAD

    As mentioned, I (principal applicant) took initially employment with "employer" on H1 B and later the "employer" started GC process through which I got EAD (and so did dependant), but never used GC EAD (as it was not really required with same employer) and continued on H1B. The dependent got H4 EAD after I-140 approval and took employment (and also never used GC EAD, as H1B was valid). Now once the principal applicant lost employment with H1B "employer" and takes future employment (with new employer) on GC EAD, all I am trying to understand/know is the impact of doing so on the employment of dependent (who itself have not yet used GC EAD)? Does dependent should also get the I-9 updated to use GC EAD (instead of H4 EAD)?
  15. jobas2007

    urgent - loss of h1b status , it invalidates h4 EAD

    Appreciate if anyone can respond?