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  1. LeaveOfAbsenceOnH1-B

    Leave of absence to work at another employer

    I am a tenured professor on an H1-B at a college (still waiting for my EB-2 green card priority date to become current). Can I take a leave of absence from my college to work as a visiting professor at another institution (they will apply for another H1-B for me) for a couple of years? My college is ok with my leave of absence. So for the next two years, I'd have two H1-Bs. My college lawyer seems to think this should be ok. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  2. LeaveOfAbsenceOnH1-B

    Academic Professor - on staying tenured during unpaid leave of absence

    Thanks JoeF! Are you aware of any cases where this has been possible?
  3. I am an Indian citizen, tenured professor on an H1-B visa. I would like to take an unpaid sabbatical from my university (i.e. they cancel my H1-B) so I can go work for another university for a year (on an H1-B transfer). Can the university "keep me on its books" (whatever that means) as a tenured professor if it does not pay me and does not have an H1-B for me? I'd ideally like to not resign tenure, since reinstating tenure is a complicated process at academic institutions. Is this just an internal issue for the university? Does USCIS care? There are professors (American citizens) at my university who have taken such leaves of absence and their tenure has been kept secure in the meantime. Thanks!