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  1. vin18may

    H4 stamping with DUI Mumbai

    My current status is still AP. However I had received my passport & green slip on June 12th to submit court doc. It seemed very stupid since the VO had scanned my the court doc during the interview and mention that you won't have to worry about it for future references. I submitted the passport & court doc on the same day and now waiting. I am hoping that the visa should be issued this week. Only time will tell. Will post once I have an update.
  2. vin18may.... did you get your visa??

  3. Had my first and only DUI in Nov 2016 and plead guilty and case disposed with minimum sentence in April 2017. Since then converted from H1b to H4 EAD for convenience. I had my interview on April 9, 2019 and as expected - got a 221g white slip to go for medical panel evaluation. Got it done on April 10th and submitted my passport, medical receipt and supporting docs on April 22 (5 business days after taking medical test. had good friday and weekend in between, hence delay in submitting) My current status is still Adminstrative processing and last updated date is April 23rd. 10 days back though, the status on ustraveldocs changed from "Passport is still with us consulate" to "Delivery Document Information". I thought that I should get it soon, but nothing yet. Anyone in a similar boat or has a 221g for a different reason ? I have observed that there are processing delays at Mumbai consulate currently. Will keep you posted.
  4. vin18may

    No I94 when entering US by road

    See mine was not a first H1b stamping. Mine was a renewal. He asked me if I was changing status & I said NO. I am getting a feeling that if H1b is getting renewed, they dont give a new I94. The reason being that the I94 tied to the H1b has the same number as compared to the previous stamped I94 (as a result of the first H1b). And I should be still able to use the I94 tied to H1b approval notice like the white I94 you have in ur PP. In either case, I hv an appointment scheduled with a lawyer tomorrow to sort the confusion. Thanks for your thoughts. Will keep you guys posted.
  5. vin18may

    No I94 when entering US by road

    mannu Officers will not take the I94 tied to the H1B approval notice. Generally during the entry - they should ask to fill in the white I94 form. The top part they keep it with them & bottom part is what they staple to your PP. This I94 represents the same I94 tied to the H1B copy. Since you changed your status from F1 to H1 .. it is mandatory for the officer to give you a new white I94 .. as the number of the I94 on F1 will be different from the number of the I94 for H1b. Mine was H1b renewal .. hence the number on the I94 remains same. Hence I guess not giving a I94 will be OK. Any other thoughts are appreciated.
  6. vin18may

    No I94 when entering US by road

    Well on that point my employer said that we have I94 which is attached to the bottom of the H1b copy (I797) When we enter the country - we have to fill out I94 (white form), a part of which is attached to the Passport. He says - that white I94 represents the same I94 which is tied to the H1B copy. So my stay is still legal. Let me know what your thoughts are ?
  7. vin18may

    Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

    No you cannot use ARV (automatic revalidation) if you attended an H1b visa interview. Only if you visit neighboring countries and come back within 30 days .. then you can enter.
  8. vin18may

    No I94 when entering US by road

    Hi kbknaidu Well the Officer had swiped my Passport on his system (like they do a credit card). I confirmed with my attorney that CBP will not give a new I94 if we visit Mexico, canada, puerto rico and come back to US within 30 days. So not having a I 94 is ok. Only concern i had was that he did not stamp my passport with the date of entry. But I guess since he scanned the PP .. my return record should be there in the system. I am still researching a way to confirm that with the US government. BTW - Can you tell me about your experience ? Did you get a new I94 ? & what about the Date of entry stamp on the passport ? Note: Mine is not a change of status. It was renewing my H1b status. Let me know.
  9. vin18may

    No I94 when entering US by road

    My I94 was expired on Jan 1st 2012 (which was the end date of my earlier H1b) USCIS had removed the I94 when they returned the Passport with the renewed H1b stamp.
  10. vin18may

    No I94 when entering US by road

    I spoke to my attorney. She said the same thing what Joe mentioned. The CBP will not give a new I94 if you are entering Canada & coming back to the US if less than 30 days. My old I94 was already expired in 1st Jan 2012. So when USCIS returned my PP - the I94 was already removed.
  11. Hello all I recently had my H1b renewal interview in Toronto. Got approved & received my PP on 6th Dec afternoon. I drove from Toronto to US and entered at Lewiston, NY port of entry by road. The officer forgot to stamp the date of entry in my PP and he did not give me a new I94 as well. I did not see it untill i drove 10 miles ahead. Has anyone been in this situation before ? Do they give I94 when entering US by Road ? .. Jst trying to understand if the process has changed due or what. I am travelling to India on December 20th .. and need some urgent thoughts on my current situation. Thanks Vin
  12. vin18may

    Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

    Hi Kc123us, I know its mandatory .. was trying to check if there is a different process at US port of entry @Lewiston, NY near Niagara ? Did anyone drive thru this port & did they fill out the I94 ? This is scary. I have also asked my employer to check with the attorney .. but want to know what happenned with others who drove thru here. I am also posting this as a separate thread .. coz may be others might not see this thread due to its tittle. Thanks Vin
  13. vin18may

    Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

    am back to the US now. And the CIC website is still not updated. So i would recommend to rely on loomis email. BTW - anyone drove to US ? I drove & at the US port of entry - the officer neither gave me a new I94 nor did he stamp the date of entry on my passport. I guess he forgot .. Let me know ur experience & also if anyone knows that not having a date of entry stamp in the passport makes any difference ? Thanks Vin
  14. vin18may

    Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

    based on the loomis email - looks like its some batch job that runs in their system at 10pm. So guessing that if you did not receive it till now .. may be u will receive it tonight.
  15. vin18may

    Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

    buddy - my interview was scheduled for 9.30 - but actually happenned at 11am check ur spam folder .. you should see the email. I got it yesterday at 10:15pm CIC website has not updated yet & i dont care as long as Loomis confirms the pick up Best of Luck to all !!!