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  1. prashu50

    Request for Hyderabad Open Slot

    woww...dates for all november and december opened up..Please hurry up
  2. prashu50

    Request for Hyderabad Open Slot

    What time did you see the availability? Right now at 11:25AM EST there are no dates available
  3. prashu50

    Request for Hyderabad Open Slot

    Yes I am also in the same situation. Please keep updating here the time and availability for Hyderabad Consulate As of 11:36pm EST we have only 29Oct[multiple]
  4. Based on their guidelines you need to wait atleast 3 hours. i tried after 10 hours and it worked for me though not sure if it got activated before.
  5. There is no need now to submit documents in advance for Hyderabad consulate. So you should be good.