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  1. Hi, is there any update on your case. Is there any reason given why they gave this status and why you cant extend EAD.
  2. regnar123

    I 94 not upated

    Ok thanks, i will check
  3. regnar123

    I 94 not upated

    I didnt choose anything. This is the first time i went to Canada, i didnt fill any forms for this entry. My visa is valid till Nov-2017, i am working for same company and used same when i travelled.
  4. regnar123

    I 94 not upated

    me and my wife went to Canada last September for 4 days via land. There is Canadian enty stamp in our Passports. But there is no US entry stamp in our passports and our latest i94 still shows with my entry date of 2015 valid tru my h1 expiration in Nov-2017 I have extension coming up, will there be any problem with this missing information?? please help
  5. regnar123

    Question on green card application after case back.

    Did they question you about 140? Did they asked you if how u will come back?
  6. My Case: I completed my b.tech in 2003 and after that went for f1 visa and got rejected 3 times in 2004 and i went for my first h1 visa in dec-2006 and got approved. Went to US feb-2007 and soon after going there i changed to company B and they filed for h1 without payslips from original stamped company and got approval from Aug-2007 and i first started working from Aug-2007 and without gap i worked until may-2012 with few extensions. My I-94 expired in march and extension filed with in expiry and got RFE for client letter. So my company showed internal proj coz client is not willing. may-2012 my extension got denied saying info not provided for actual req in RFE. Left the country in 2 weeks. Now i got H1 from approved from diff company with V-C model. My questions What sould i say about not working for original stamped company and no payslips from feb-07 to Aug-2007 if asked (i know its more than 5 years old) Not working from may-2012 end to visa date? New h1 filed using approved i-140. So how to prove i will come back if asked Please help
  7. I did not received the reason yet. I have also got approved I-140 with the same company.
  8. Hi, H1 and I-94 expiration: March-21-12 Filed for extension with the client project and without client letter on March-16-2012. Got RFE in April asking for client letter (out of the project that we filed during extension) April-24-2012 replied to RFE with new project(internal) details. May-8-2012: Saw denial online. Still 1.5 years left on my 6year period Please help me what the options left for me. I really need help. Trying to find lawyers opinions also. Please help Thanks