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  1. bheeshmachary

    Visa Approved @ Vancouver

    Yes That should always be safe.
  2. bheeshmachary

    H1B stamping in CAP-GAP OPT

    Actually you can take a mail confirmation from you Manager stating "As per company policy No Letters are provided for contractors". This worked previously in various cases. So give it a try.
  3. bheeshmachary

    Visa Approved @ Vancouver

    I guess, if LCA is less than the Pay stub should not be a prob right? lets wait for experts.
  4. bheeshmachary

    successful visa interview at calgary - aug 29th

    Congratulations on your stamping.!!!
  5. bheeshmachary

    Successful H1B Stamping in Vancouver - Aug 27

    Congratulations on your Successful Stamping. What is the role of mS playing in the Interview, is it critical, I am asking this question because I did my mS from a univ which do not have accreditation, they assured we would get it in 8 months after joining but later no news about it.I have no issues while stusying in that univ. Can you please tell about it? Thanks
  6. bheeshmachary

    h1 visa approved@ottawa after 221g yellow

    Congratulation on your Stamping, pretty complicated Case, Can you share some more details. 1. Did you finish your MS from xx univ before you applied to H1? 2. which univ did you go ? 3. from question 7 and 8 there is little confusion, did they asked you about the issue or you yourself conveyed it? why did you stated that you were applied to COS, before she asked. Can you please share these if you don't mind. Thanks
  7. bheeshmachary

    Visa Approved@ Ottawa on Aug 20, 2013

    Congratulations both of you, and TFS the info.
  8. bheeshmachary

    H1 Amendment from MS to Regular

    no As per rahul's explanation OP needs to apply for a fresh H1 under regular quota, till then if you H1 is valid if its not expired, incase if its expired then we need to make arrangements for maintaining status legally and then wait for next April to file New H1.
  9. bheeshmachary

    H1 Amendment from MS to Regular

    Can you say what do you mean by H1 Invalid? because im currently working on h1 and have no notice from USCIS stating that its invalid or something. Please explain if possible.
  10. bheeshmachary

    Vancouver still issuing H-1B and H-4 visas?

    People are booking their slots, no issue
  11. great Thanks great Thanks
  12. bheeshmachary

    What is the best Location to go for stamping EVC Model?

    Any Embassy is fine until you have proper documentation, vancouver is best? I am not sure of it. lets wait if someone answers.
  13. hey I travelled from UK to US in 2009, later I travelled to India twice. DO I need to mention that I travelled from UK or not necessary? I was prev in UK so just was one way from UK to US.
  14. bheeshmachary

    H1 Amendment from MS to Regular

    Hello Everyone, could someone suggest me this, I am on H1 currently approved in 2012, previously I applied under MS quota later I got to know that the univ I studied is not eligible to apply in MS for H1. Now I would like to file the next extension in regular process instead of MS Quota. Question: Do I need to make an Amendment to the existing one from MS to Regular or can I just remove all my MS certificates and apply for extension? please help, that was a big mistake already committed I am trying to get out of it by pursuing my MS again in a reputed college. Thanks
  15. bheeshmachary

    F1 rejection should mention in DS 160?

    ooh That means, F1 Rejections(in India) would not be counted in this case?