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  1. My father recently spent 3 1/2 months in India on advance parole (I-131). He is returning to the US next week. He will present his passport and approval of I-131 (advance parole paper). 1. When re-entering, does he need to show any documents that establish that he needed to travel? In his case, he had a family member that was sick. 2. How long do they usually take to process at the port of entry? In other words, in how many hours after he lands, should we expect him to be cleared to be picked up at the airport? 3. Any personal/family experiences with re-entering on I-131? Thank you
  2. Does I-131 require any processing / submission before traveling overseas for a few months. We have submitted my father's family based GC application. I-485 status is under-processing with I-131 approved and valid thru EoY18. Since I-131 is a part of family-based GC application, I have submitted the question here instead of in the Travel section.
  3. THANKS! Much appreciated!
  4. Hi,We applied for my father's family-based green card (I-130 + I-485 AOS) in Oct 2017. His I-131 is approved. I-485 application has gone from MSC to Phoenix, AZ (Phoenix FO). We have it ready, but did not submit his I-693 packet; so we received a courtesy notification from USCIS stating that I-693 will need to be produced if there is an interview or otherwise following an RFE. 1. If he travels out of country based on I-131 and if he gets an RFE while he is out of country, will he be able to enter the US using his granted I-131? I want to ensure that RFE doesn't invalidate an approved I-131. 2. What are disadvantages/risks involved with traveling on I-131 while I485 is in process?3. Anybody from Phoenix FO applied/received green cards for their parents recently? What was your timeline?Thanks!
  5. hameshatumkochaha

    EB1 EB2 140s approved. Seeking help to pick

    Hello, Thanks for the response. Yes, I am working with the attorney and taking the advice also. Here are some comments: 1. For similar / same job by the same employer. 2. Thanks. So it appears you suggest EB1 is better to proceed with irrespective of the additional one month of current processing I listed earlier. 3. Both are employer sponsored applications and positions. You said, "With an employer-sponsored position the applicant should work for the sponsoring employer on a permanent basis (at least for one year) after green card approval." Thanks for informing. I do intend to continue; however, may I please know if this were to not happen, what are the consequences? Should I keep the same job title? i.e. can I not go from current technology position to a management or marketing position? What if one wants to go back to school again? Actually, I was informed earlier that a lot of people leave jobs once they get a green card and have no hassle. Thanks again,
  6. Hello, My history is listed here: http :// forums.*************** I improved my resume significantly by working all weekends and publishing a lot since. I-140 has been approved for both of my EB1 (OR) and EB2 (combined with EB3); both priority dates are current. EB1 (OR) is being processed at Texas with TAT = 6 months for I-485. EB2 is being processed at Nebraska with TAT = 4.9 months for I-485. My paperwork for EB2 I-485 was ready to go when I learned yesterday about my EB1 I140 approval. Here are my questions: 1a. What are my chances of rejection for the green card now for EB1? 1b. for EB2? 2. Do the TATs listed above indicate that I should apply with EB2 to get the green card faster? 3. I know that the medical exam paperwork is the same for EB1 and EB2 I-485 applications. Could one typically use remaining paperwork prepared for EB2 I-485 (such as I-131, I-765 etc documents) and apply with them to EB1 I-485 instead? Or is I-485 application for EB1 significantly different? I'm trying to reduce the paperwork preparation time by the lawyers. 4. How long can one hold an application (EB1 or EB2) from applying to I-485 stage? I would hate it if lawyers retract one application, apply for the other, and then it gets stuck for either RFE or priority date issues. Employer prefers to apply for EB1 I-485. Is it the best thing for me? 5. Employer prefers to apply for EB1 I-485. Is my employer's reasoning correct (PERM is not needed and less expensive)? 6. If you had to pick one, which one would you pick to apply I-485 for: EB1 / EB2? Please comment. Thanks a bunch [This message was edited by Admin on July 10, 2011 at 05:51 AM.]