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  1. My EB3 to EB1 transition is not a jump but a slow and patient journey. Please note I filed my EB3 in 2008; went back to India in 2010; Climbed up 2 designations; came back last year in L1A; been with same employer since 14 years now.
  2. I have an approved I140 in EB3 category with Priority date in June-2008. I am with same employer since then and they are about to file another I140 in EB1 category now. 1.) If the same employer files a new I140 under EB1 category, will there be any impact to my approved EB3 I140 and the priority date? 2.) If my EB3 priority date becomes current when EB1 I140 is still pending, Will I be able to file my I485/AP/EAD using EB3 I140 still?
  3. I am in process of preparing I485 for my family. My spouse had L2 Dependent EAD Card. When preparing 485 for my spouse should I use the A-Number in my spouse's EAD card in his application or should I leave it blank? Also should I leave it blank for my kid?
  4. My EB3 I140 was approved in 2008 and my priority date is current now. I am with the same employer since 2008 till now, went to India in 2010 came back to US a year before in L1A Visa. Am I still eligible to file I485 in EB3 based on my approved I140 filed in 2008 or should I go for new I140 in EB1?