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  1. I see you are changing status from L1 to H1...Have you done your masters or Bachelors? I recently got my h1b stamping done with bachelors and there is one guy whose post suggests don't come to vancouver without masters. Please sepcify so that other people can be confident and expect the same. To my knowledge bachelors/masters is not a deal breaker? at least in my case. Agree?

  2. i adivse anyone not having U.S masters degree to skip vancouver consulate doesn't matter  if you have 5 masters from diff countires. One person got 221g for additional verfication.


    Another person got drilled by each and every question by another consular, mostly with drivers license. make sure you have addr on DL with same on your paycheck.

    How can you come to this conclusion and advise people without knowing facts? When you have your visa stamping done make sure to give them a positive hope and if at all there is such thing as "no masters then don't come to Canada" then tell them what exactly happened and what questions was asked? I went to Vancouver for stamping on Oct 1st, 2013 and I have no masters. Not even single question was asked about qualification. He/She may have an issues with an employer or may be it is an H4 to H1 then masters thing come to play..here is my post:


  3. Any got H1B Visa approved recently from Vancouver. I didn't see any posts on H1B approvals in forum.



    Hi Simha ,


    Try to check all post in all the pages ..i remember visa approves in vancouver recently.


    Guys, Here is my experience..If you are going to Vancouver then I am pretty prositive that your visa will be approved unless if there are any issues with your employer or yourslef (Pay, Arrest, etc.)





  4. Hi kd082108,


    Thanks for the reply. start date is the date i have on my current I797 or the date i had it on my first I797 like 6 years back one? thanks and sorry for bothering!



    Provide the date as per your new/latest I797. This is just to ensure that you have a approved petition. Anyway you will send the copies of all petitions online. shouldn't be a problem.

  5. Hi kd082108,


    Just a quick question on Canada Vistior Visa 5257 (E) form question # 7 , under Current country of residence: I filled it as USA but what is the 'Status' that i should select -- It has options : Citizen, Permanent resident,  Visitor, Worker, Student, Other, Protected Person and Refugee Claimant, If select worker- it is asking me from and to dates-- what dates should i fill there as it is 7th year h1b for me.


    Your reply is greatly approciated.



    Sorry for the late response...Status should be "Worker" and Enter the I797 Validity dates (Start and End dates). 

  6. Hello Guys,


    Murthy Forum is an excellent source for all sorts of communication related to H1B Visa stamping in various places and/or Countries. I was also following just like any other individual to seek help in terms of H1B Visa stamping process and so on. I really appreciate and thankful to the Murthy Forum admins and users for allowing me to share/learn this sort of information.


    Okay, any way it’s a payback time J…Initially I was bit hesitant to go to Canada for my H1B Extension stamping, as I don’t have a master’s degree and graduated from India. However, I gave it a try and it worked out well for me and nothing was asked about my education qualification. May be because this was my second stamping and I am on 7th year in USA.


    I attended my Visa interview at Vancouver US Consulate on Oct 1st 2013. Trust me I was so tensed till the day I went to the interview and came out. If I provide you all with an advise saying, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have your documentation right or be confident or it is  a simple process then I am bluffing. I know everyone will be tensed down to hell and I saw that in 15 people over 3 days who came down here for visa stamping. Yes, everyone’s visa was approved and we guys get along nicely in Vancouver with some partying and friendly chat.


    Chapter 1:  Flight to Canada for a BIG JOB

    ·      Took a Flight to Canada on Sep 29th, 2013 as I wanted to have 1 day buffer just incase any issues with the flights.

    ·      Canadian Immigration was quite smooth in Vancouver with the basic questions like:

    o   Purpose of Your Trip: To get My Visa Stamping done.

    o   Length of Stay: I filled the customs form with 30 days as I thought if it comes to 221g then we can be prepared.

    o   Officer asked why 30 days, I told her that this process might be delayed for various reasons so we might have to stay here until it is completed. She was fine with it and approved my stay for 30 days.


    Chapter 2:  Interview Day (D-DAY): Oct 1st, 2013.

    ·      My appointment was at 10:30 AM and I went to Consulate by 10:00 AM, as security will only allow you to stand in a line 15 mins before to your visa interview slot.

    ·      Security will check you appointment confirmation page and ask you to show your passport, 1797, DS-160 Confirmation page. You can put them together in the passport and show it to him.

    ·      They will do the security screening (High Level) as no backpacks, lighters, key chains, etc. are allowed to consulate. Also, they will check your folders to make sure there are no sealed envelopes. If you have one they will ask you to open it.

    ·      After this screening they will send you to the first floor for 2nd level security screening. (Similar to Airport Screening)

    ·      Then, you will be asked to go to a first counter where a lady will ask for your passport, DS-160 Confirmation, I-797. Also, she will ask you whether the photograph was recent or old one and if it is very old then you may have to give additional photographs. Here, she will keep your ds-160, i797, passport and she will provide you with the Token # and ask you to be seated.

    ·      You will be monitoring a LCD screen where your token information will be displayed for Ten Finger printing.

    ·      Once you are done with the fingerprinting you will get your passport, ds160 and i797 back with same token number attached to the passport.

    ·      Again you will be back to your seat and monitoring LCD for the your number for the main interview and once your number is displayed then you will escort by the security to the 20th floor and will ask you to be seated.


    Chapter 3:  Do or Die time:

    ·      My number was called and asked to go to Counter number 4. The officer was very polite and thanked me for the patience as it was a very busy day and apologized for the delay.

    ·      Then, Started asking me a questions:

    o   Since how long I am working with my employer.

    §  3 Years, 3 Months.

    o   How long with the Client?

    §  6 Months

    o   What do the do?

    §  Told company’s business info

    o   Title?

    §  Prog Analyst.

    o   Responsibilities?

    §   I explained and he said he is not that good with IT so he wants to know in a simple English and I explained to him again in a non-IT way.

    o   He asked me to provide 2 Years W2s, LCA, and 1 Year Paystubs. However, I am not sure if he looked at them.

    o   Finally, golden words, Your Visa is approved and provided me with Loomis sheet and employment rights document.

    I thanked him and requested him if my passport pick up could be expedited, as my son was sick back home. He asked me if I had any letter certifying that and I provided that to him. He looked at that letter and asked if I am not scamming him. I laughed and said he can certainly call doctor office but he said it is not necessary. So, He gave me one red slip by marking pick-up at 2:15 next day. I went next day to pick-up my passport and verified my information and it was all good.


    This is it guys, I booked my flight back home and my US immigration is completed in Canada only and the officer was nice to me and asked what do I do back in states. With this, I completed one of my nervous trips of my life and made some friends J. Honestly, Vancouver US Consulate is really good as they are trying to provide a visa to everyone unless it is a TAL or some other issues. Focus is mainly on “out of status or employer or paystubs or LCA OR W2s or Client Letter”.


    I wish you all a good luck and pray for your success too J


                                                  *****THE END******



  7. Guys, Please do not speculate things which you are not sure of. Coming back to sendilvera's point. It doesn't matter whether you have masters in US or not to attend US Visa Interview at Border Countries such as Canada, Mexico. However, If you are going for first time h1b stamping to canada then there is a risk of consulate declining your visa based on Education AND/OR Experience in other country than US. Even though you have a masters they can decline your visa based pn several other reasons. Immigration attorney's desn't recommend H4 to H1 or L2 to H1 Stampings in border countries as they might need additional verification in either education or experience. In you case, it is just a transfer same like H1B to H1B a your L1 visa is initially approved in US consulate, india(right?) and this is your extension/transfer.Do not panic and see take the apprpriate decision. They won't directly decline your visa they may issue 221g for client verification or other stuff which is not uncommon. Even if you go to india you will have the same rule of thumb. Good Luck :)

  8. Okay, usually if they said that it would take 4-6 weeks then I believe it is because of TAL. The reason I am looking in that way as you said above you have done your masters in aerospace..May be? Here is the tal list which I found and aerospace is listed in this list. I am sorry, If I am providing wrong info but this is what I think. But I am positive you will get clearance in a week or two.



    Thanks for clarification.


  9. @Rajesh, as far as i know you can go and get your stamping done with your future approved petetion. I believe (based on one of my firend's experience) you have to provide your new petetion details in DS 160 and when you go for your visa stamping you would give them your current and future approved petetion. I am positive this is what happened to my friend and he got his visa stamping done. Good Luck!