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  1. Hi, My I140 was approved a month ago in the EB1 category but I cannot yet file my I-485 due to the severe retrogression in EB1 dates for Indian and Chinese nationals. I am currently employed in academia on an H1B. Here's my question: Is it possible for me to go to school (in the US) and get another graduate degree? What would be my status be? I am clearly not a permanent resident (or US citizen) but am not an international student either as I have been living in the US for the past 16 years. Will the school give me an I120 nevertheless that I will have to use to get my visa if I do leave US temporarily and try to reenter? Your responses are appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I have a valid H1B that is good for entry till Feb. next year. I plan on initiating my green application (EB1) soon. Later this year, I will be leaving the country for a month or so for business purposes. My questions: 1. Is my situation any different than a person who is travelling with a valid H1B, regardless of whether or not a green card application has been filed? 2. If my situation does differ because I will have a pending GC application, then do I also need to apply for advanced parole? Thanks for your help.
  3. fivethirds

    Recent diplomatic row and H1B processing times

    Please take the time to read the full post before commenting.
  4. Hi, I appeared for my H1B (first time) on the 4th of Dec. in Chennai and got a 221g. I am still waiting for my visa. I am worried whether the ongoing row about the arrest of the Indian diplomat is going to have repercussions on folks waiting for their visa. The Indian government is considering retaliatory measures like forcing US consulates to pay their local, non-US-citizen staff according to US wage laws. If that leads to consulates laying off staff, then there will likely be delays. Already, yesterday the Indian government has asked US consular staff to turn in their airport passes among various other documents. On a related note, I saw that the visa-status pdf file which gets updated on a daily basis did not get updated yesterday. If you click on the file, it shows the file was last updated on Tuesday. Maybe I am reading too much into all this but does anyone out there in Chennai have any further info? Thanks.
  5. fivethirds

    payment of consular fees for H1B

    Hi all, I do not maintain a bank account in India. Can I still my use my local US bank account to pay the consular fees? the official consular page that displays the unique beneficiary number (TIERXXXX) is confusing. Right at the top, it says it will accept electronic transfers and a few lines below it says unless you have a rupee account in India, you cannot use this feature. Assuming I cannot, can I someone else's account (friend/relative) in India to pay the fees? Thanks, Sanjiv
  6. Hi, I transitioned from an F-1 OPT to H-1B on Jan. 9 this year but my passport has not been stamped. I gather when I leave the US next (say, to India or Canada) I will have to get my passport stamped before reentry. Am I correct? As a student I had an expired visa for many years (on valid I-20) simply because I never left the country. I want to know if the same rules apply for H-1B as well, namely, as long as you are working on a valid H-1B, the stamp on the passport is not necessary, unless of course you happen to leave the country. Thanks for your help.